Health & Wellness

Athletic Trainers

WMA has designated the Head Athletic Trainer and Team Physician to oversee the implementation of policies and protocols governing the prevention and management of head injuries. In addition, they are responsible for supporting and enforcing the protocols, documentation, required training and reporting of head injuries.

Each year, the Head Athletic Trainer presents concussion information to the community including: prevention, signs and symptoms, causes, recovery and return to play. Each season an Athletic Trainer works with each team to ensure equipment fits properly and instructs coaches in current best practices in their sport.

Assistant Athletic Trainers work under the supervision of the Head Athletic Trainer and assist in the care of student-athletes including the prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries.

A trainer attends each home athletic game in case the need for medical care arises.

Injuries & Care

Initially, the Athletic Trainer evaluates all emergency sports injuries. If medical consultation is needed, the Athletic Trainer refers the student to Health Services. In an emergency, students are transported to the most appropriate medical facility via ambulance.

Actual medical care and treatment in Health Services is provided by Registered Nurses, any situation requiring more substantial care and treatment is referred to the school physician or, in the case of day students, to the parents.

Urgent Care of Wilbraham is the Academy’s consultant for health care and is available to Health Services at specified times to treat the boarding school population. All arrangements to see a physician are made through Health Services.