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Girls Tennis

Photo of girls tennis team

Program Overview

The WMA tennis program has a long tradition at the school. Over the last several years, several of the girls have gone on to play at the college level. The school provides both a varsity and junior varsity level of play. The school and the other schools it plays operate on a four singles, three doubles format with no repeats, which allows for high participation level and individual player growth and development through their career at the school.

The players on the current team as well as some from the recent past have come not only from the U.S., but from Germany, Venezuela, Japan, Thailand, China and Taiwan. This results in great interaction and sharing of skills.

The addition of nine courts on Faculty Street allow for full practice and the full initiation of matches with all courts being employed. The courts are part of the campus and across the street from the gymnasium.

The match scheduling is in context with the full academic direction of the school and recognizes potential academic conflicts.

Athletic Recruiting

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Key WMA contacts

Jay Hamilton, head coach;

Kate Gaw, Admission; 413.596.9174;

Don Nicholson '79, Athletics & Afternoon Programs; 413.596.9124;

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