Wilbraham & Monson Academy's The Global EcoLearn Project Receives Grant
Posted 11/19/2008 02:02PM
The project is a collaborative effort between the Academy’s Center for Entrepreneurial & Global Studies (CEGS) and science program evolving from a forest management project on campus. The grant will be used to cover the start-up costs associated with manufacturing the end-products that the CEGS students are creating from the forest: baseball bats, picture frames, and maple syrup.

Entrepreneurship teacher Gayle Hsiao worked with the Development Office to create a written proposal for the grant, which is awarded to top projects presented by teachers attending the annual conference of the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. The written proposal was approved, and Hsiao was selected to make a brief "elevator pitch" at the conference in Austin, Texas, about the importance of the project and to field questions from a panel. The members of the panel liked what they heard and presented Hsiao with one of only nine grants awarded.

WMA science students have been documenting the trees on Academy property, some of which will be forested later this year. Meanwhile, CEGS students have been developing a business plan for using the forested wood and remaining trees to provide products which will be sold. You can read more about this exciting project here.