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AP Capstone™

ap capstone class

In 2015, WMA was selected by the College Board to include the AP Capstone™ Program as part of its curriculum.

The first year will offer AP Seminar, which is part of the English Department, while AP Research in the second year will follow the students’ passion and could fall under any academic discipline.

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Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance

entrepreneurship class

Our newly-designed Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance (CEEF) provides introductory and advanced courses for students along with the opportunity to apply foundation concepts to explore and learn real-world critical thinking skills in entrepreneurship, economics and finance. 

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rugby teams

WMA has offered varsity and junior teams for boys, and a girls program was introduced in 2018 after students took the initiative and, with help from the administration, formed a roster and competitive schedule.

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Trading Center

business trading center

The Mark R. Shenkman Trading Center offers students the opportunity to use a state-of-the-art facility to engage in an active research and trading experience in order to gain understanding of the global financial environment. It also serves as WMA's showcase facility for economics, finance and entrepreneurship classes.

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Traveling Titans

study abroad programs

Each year WMA offers exciting opportunities for students to travel around the country and around the world to enhance their classroom studies. Last year, Traveling Titans visited five continents. Students can explore both the differences and interconnectedness of peoples and economies from around the world and around the nation.

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Community Service


Upon matriculation, each student agrees to adopt the Academy’s belief in broad intellectual development, good physical health, personal accountability, mutual respect and commitment to service. WMA also offers a daily Community Service Team that satisfies the afternoon activity requirement.

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Other Distinctive Opportunities

Grade 7&8 Boarding

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Online Courses

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Student Promotions

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Academic Leaders

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A Tinkering Place

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Fashion Program

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Distinctly WMA: Insights Into Our Preeminent Prep School in Massachusetts

Wilbraham & Monson Academy offers an unparalleled private school experience. Home to one of the most inclusive educational experiences of any private school in the Massachusetts area, WMA prides itself on its curriculum just as much as on its students. Our students don't just get an education — they transform into challenge-seeking, critical-thinking, globally contributing citizens.

Here are a few reasons that WMA is considered to be among the most innovative, inclusive and outstanding college prep schools in MA.

We Cultivate Global Leaders

The era of globalization is upon us. As advances in transportation, communication and technology continue to speed up, the way people, government and companies interact on the world stage is changing. That's why our Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance (CEEF) prepares students to successfully enter an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

CEEF is a major component of WMA’s on-campus global classroom. Through offering courses in entrepreneurship, finance, diplomacy and trade, WMA ensures our students develop their competitive edge by the time they graduate.

Our Students Learn Through Real-World Application

WMA's Mark R. Shenkman Trading Center encourages students to engage in exploratory research and hands-on trading experiences. Through real-world immersion in the global financial environment, students form a holistic understanding of the world they will soon enter.

This private-school perk is WMA's way of creating opportunities for students to discover first-hand how their individual actions, global decisions and international organizations interact on a global scale. When students learn through real-world application, it empowers them to take ownership of their potential to bring about change.

We Offer a Hybrid Experience

To instill independence and accountability, we include a block of online learning for students taking an online class. During this time, students report to a physical classroom, where a teacher helps them stay focused and accomplish their learning goals. Our prep school's approach guides students in taking greater responsibility for their own educational experience. It's all part of our mission to sculpt engaged, curious, lifelong learners.

Home to the One and Only Tinkering Place

WMA is the only private college prep school in Massachusetts with a Tinkering Place on campus. This space is dedicated solely to helping students uncover their passions. It's an educational playground for our curious and motivated students. At the Tinkering Place, they can playfully solve problems through experimentation, exploration and purposeful questioning.

Our Students Travel the Globe

Every year, WMA provides unique opportunities for students to travel around both the country and the world to elevate their studies. Through educational globe-trotting, students explore the global relationships of people and economies in the globalized world. Travel is a big part of our global school that provides yet another opportunity to experience people, culture and challenges across the globe.

The No. 1 element that makes WMA distinct is our students. They come from 33 nations and 20 states. Whether you're looking for a private school in the Massachusetts area or elsewhere, you'll find that WMA is ready to help grow students' minds. To give your child the gift of attending a premier college prep opportunity, contact us today!