A Tinkering Place

Tinkering is a mindset.
WMA’s A Tinkering Place offers a playful way to approach and solve problems
through direct experience, experimentation and discovery.

- Dr. Kathy Gorski

The Science Department has seen vast improvements in equipment and curriculum, thanks to the 2014 Science Initiative that raised more than $82,000 for science equipment for WMA classrooms.

In addition to enhancing the classroom, this equipment has sparked a new idea:

A Tinkering Place is an on-campus weekend activity created by Dr. Kathy Gorski , chair of the Science Department, and her team where students can experiment with 3-D printing, engineering and robotics.

WMA is excited to add this activity to our list of offerings that extend learning beyond the classroom.

Tinkering: What's It All About?

- From Academy World, Spring 2016

- From Academy World, Spring 2015