Online Courses

Students at Wilbraham & Monson Academy have the opportunity to participate in a hybrid experience of both online and classroom learning. Students enrolled in our Virtual High School courses have an online learning block added to their schedule. Coursework is then completed according to the VHS schedule, teaching students to take responsibility for their own educational success.

However, these students aren't just sent to an online learning space. They report to a physical classroom, where a teacher is present to help them stay on task, manage their online platform and meet deadlines. Thus, the learning experience is guided and independent all at once.

Associated fees apply to these courses, and students will receive WMA transcript credit upon completion.

“We want our students to have a hybrid experience. We’re not just sending students to an online learning space; the students will have an online learning block in their schedule and they will be responsible for reporting to the classroom. There will be a teacher in the classroom to help the students stay on task, meet deadlines and manage their online platform.”
Meg Hutcheson, Chair, English Department


WMA offers online courses through Virtual High School. Students enrolled in these courses may be assigned an “online learning block” in their daily schedule with a WMA faculty coordinator to oversee their progress, take attendance and offer support. Thus, offering students a guided yet independent learning experience. All online courses will receive WMA transcript credit. There are fees associated with these courses.

Courses may vary depending on demand. Students taking courses through Virtual High School will be expected to work according to the VHS schedule. Course work will need to be done regardless of the WMA vacation schedule.

Offered Courses - Full Year

Offered Course - 15 weeks

Unique Educational Opportunities at Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Our Virtual High School is just one of the distinct opportunities available at WMA. Our school was established in 1804, and while we honor our traditions, we continually look forward and prepare students for an ever-evolving world. By offering unique, hands-on educational opportunities, we spark a sense of curiosity in students. Some of the distinct programs included in our academics follow:

On-campus trading center: To give students an introduction to the real world of global finance, the Mark R. Shenkman Trading Center allows them to discover first-hand how decisions impact organizations.

Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance (CEEF): As part of our Social Science and History department, CEEF is a major component of giving students a global mindset.

Travel abroad: We believe that learning extends outside the classroom, which is why we create opportunity for our students’ opportunities to travel.

A Tinkering Place: This one-of-a-kind educational playground motivates students' curiosity and gives them a space to experiment and explore.

Supportive and Caring Faculty and Staff

Our curriculum at WMA is designed to be challenging, stretching students to reach their full potential. However, every step of the way, they're supported by our caring faculty and staff. They exemplify enthusiasm for learning every day, which fosters an environment of questioning and innovation. This atmosphere sets students up with a solid foundation that will serve them as they matriculate to college and in their future careers.

Programs for a Variety of Interests

To help develop well-rounded individuals, we provide opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Our afternoon programs and other extracurricular activities help students discover what they're passionate about, including:

Community service opportunities

Student leadership

Thriving athletics program

Fine and performing arts

More than 30 clubs and organizations covering an array of interests

And more

Provide Your Child With a WMA Education

Our online courses are just one aspect of how WMA sets itself apart from other Massachusetts area prep schools. Wilbraham & Monson Academy has a long-standing tradition of fostering tomorrow's leaders in a safe and nurturing environment. Our beautiful, traditional New England campus is the perfect place for them to develop a passion for learning and hard work that will serve them in whatever future venture they choose.

If you'd like to learn more about what an education at WMA entails, we invite you to contact us today. You can also RSVP for an upcoming Open House to tour our campus and see firsthand our unique academics and programs.