What's it all about?

Our 5,000-square-foot STEM Lab, housed on the lower level of Mattern Science Building, has been built as an extension of our current Innovation Lab. This multidisciplinary space is the next natural iteration of our growing STEM program. It initially served as additional, socially distanced classroom space during the 2020-2021 academic year and now is a bustling, energetic and creative facility full of student activity.


3D printers
3D scanner
Epilogue laser cutter
Manual lathe and mill
CNC Lathe
CNC mill

5,000 square feet of multipurpose space

Machine shop
Digital printing, cutting and fabrication area
Two robotics bays with computer-aided design and programming stations
Design studio for fashion, textiles and photography
Conference room

STEM Lab Director

Luke Pelletier

Luke Pelletier

Director of the iLab, Faculty (Science)
“I think the possibilities that the space provides for students like myself is fascinating. I could have never imagined being able to design an object and then physically having it in my hand the next day, it's every aspiring engineer's dream.”- Brady G. ’23




Floor Plan