Student Promotion

Unique to WMA is our Director of Student Promotion, offering students of all ages opportunities to help build their educational resume.

 Director of Student Promotion, Bill   Wells, has two students of his own, both of whom have gone   through the college selection process.

Mr. Wells is fully immersed with student life on a daily basis as advisor for the Class of 2016, student newspaper advisor, field hockey coach and our on-campus news reporter. He can be found at many athletic games and performing arts events as well.

Phone: 413.596.9135

Student Benefits

How does the Director of Student Promotion add value to a student's educational resume?

Student Portfolio

Works with students and their families to create a portfolio of photos, videos and news articles showcasing the student's accomplishments.

News Stories

Interviews students and coaches to write stories for and for external distribution in the media.

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Media & Press

Pitches student stories via press releases and opens students up to the possibility of local ESPN on-air interviews.


Attends key athletic contests to video students in action, highlighting the student-athlete's specific strengths. These compile during a student's high school career and are added to the portfolio.

Local Venues

Organizes and attends trips to local venues for students to showcase their musical talents, such as open mic nights.

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