Trading Center at WMA

The Mark R. Shenkman Trading Center

Donated by Mark R. Shenkman '61M, the Shenkman Trading Center offers students the opportunity to use a state-of-the-art facility to engage in an active research and trading experience in order to gain understanding of the global financial environment. It also serves as WMA's showcase facility for economics, finance and entrepreneurship classes.

In addition, the real-time applications of the center give more opportunities for students to see the interconnectedness of their actions to others and how decisions made by them and by global institutions can have profound effects on local and international populations.

By the numbers

"The creation of this new facility, which is as contemporary as you can find in anyplace in the U.S., is also harkening back to the traditions of the Academy and of Wesleyan University as it connects individual development and the public sphere."
Michael RothWesleyan University President

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