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Travel Program

Transformational Travel

Each year WMA offers exciting opportunities for students to travel around the country and around the world to enhance their classroom studies. Students can explore both the differences and interconnectedness of peoples and economies from around the world and around the nation.

Travel is seen as an opportunity for WMA students to gain first-hand experience with the people, institutions and challenges of the modern world.

The specific trips offered each year vary as do their academic focus. Community service, school exchange, business and design, language immersion, ecology/conservation and visual art have each served as the focus of past trips.

As travel opportunities are seen as extensions of classroom learning, all trips require pre-trip meetings, readings and post-trip reflections in addition to work at the site.

For questions, email Wally Swanson.

"The gift of experiencing another culture is one I will never take for granted and the humanity that we share will always be remembered - a soulful connection by a smile without a spoken word.”

- Tatianna Ravelli ’18

Student Travel Opportunities for 2019

Wilbraham & Monson offered amazing trips to four different continents - Europe, Asia, South America and Africa - during the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year.


Faculty Leader: Mr. Harrington '73, Ms. MacLauchlan

Travel Dates: March Break

Four students are chosen each year based on academic merit and citizenship, as well as an application essay to travel to England. While there, the group will have the opportunity to visit London and the countryside to explore British history. The group will start and finish in London but also travel south towards the city Bath and Stonehenge.

Priority is given to students who have never traveled outside their home country, but this is not a requirement.

The costs of the student travel are underwritten by friend of the Academy Mr. Lev Hubbard.


Faculty Leaders: Madame Dubois, Mr. Brook

Travel Dates: March Break

Students will have the opportunity to travel to Paris and then Bordeaux in the southwest of France. There they will stay with local families attending the Tivoli school. For four days, they will explore Paris and then travel to the region of Bordeaux. Then, they will live with French families and attend classes at the Tivoli school, sitting in classes with their French student and practicing their French. Days at school will alternate with day trips around Bordeaux. In April, French students from the Tivoli school will visit the Academy as part of this exchange.




 Faculty Leader: Mr. Bloomfield


 Travel Dates: June


 Starting in Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this 10-day       program takes the group through some well-known cities including   Kyoto and Tokyo, but also journeys through central Japan through the Nakasendo Way. This road through the mountains will allow students to explore the countryside, give insight into feudal Japan, the Samurai and also urban and village life today. In addition to plane and train travel, the group will walk extensively through the countryside, traveling anywhere from four to 10 kilometers a day through guided trails.




Faculty Leader: Ms. Mahoney '11


Travel Dates: June


The breathtaking scenery, great diversity and famous hospitality of the Moroccan people provide a wonderful context for this program. A melting pot of histories, religions and cultures that demonstrate the intricate connections that bind us together, Morocco is an ideal setting for students to develop cross-cultural competencies, engage with issues of global significance and deepen their knowledge of other cultural contexts.

Through interacting and engaging with diverse Moroccan traditions, students will also be able to understand and reflect on a range of issues directly related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Moroccan identity is elusive - consisting of many cultural, historic and geographic influences including Berber culture, Roman history, Arab influence and French colonialism. Students dive into an exploration of their own identity through understanding the complexity of identity in Morocco.




Faculty Leader: Mr. Shea '08, Mr. Boozang

Travel Dates: March Break

This journey across Peru challenges students and educators to move beyond their comfort zone, to think more critically about the world and themselves and to become engaged and responsible global citizens. The group will fly to the capital of Lima where they will spend two days exploring the social and economic development within the capital. The group will then fly to the city of Cusco and visit the Sacsayhuaman ruins, the Cathedral and the Koricancha complex. They will then travel via white water rafting down through the Rio Urubamba Valley, an area known for its Incan ruins, Quechua culture and agricultural terracing. The group then heads toward villages in the Andes where they will camp out and trek the next day through villages and visit small community-based organizations. The group later begins to hike in earnest through part of the Inca Trail, culminating in a sunrise visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu. Spanish Language skills not require


Faculty Leaders: Mr. Kane, Mr. Lautenschleger

Travel Dates: March Break

Students will have the opportunity to begin an exchange program with a school in Madrid. They will stay with local families, be able to explore the city of Madrid, and visit classes with their student exchange partners. In addition to living with families, WMA students will also spend a couple of days with the WMA group traveling around the region. Later in the spring, students from Madrid will visit the Academy as part of this exchange.

As this is an exchange, all students taking part are expected to host a Spanish student when they come here in Spring 2019. Hosting exceptions will be made for boarders, who will be shadowed by the Spanish students during the day. Those Spanish students will either stay in the dorms or with other families.

Preference will be given to students enrolled in Spanish classes.

Student Travel: 'Oh, the places we've been'

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