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Grand Canyon, March 2022

Photo of Grand Canyon cliffs

Experience one of the world's most spectacular natural regions, hike the narrows in Zion National Park, float down the Colorado River, tour Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and photograph at optimum times and locations.

Dates: March 5-12

Cost: $3,149, all inclusive

Chaperones: Mr. Bloomfield, Mr. Lee-Davis

U.S. History, June 2022

Photos of cannons at Gettysburg

Destinations: Gettysburg, Appomattox, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Montgomery, Savannah, Charleston and Philadelphia.

Visit various historic sites - such as, first settlement of the United States, southern plantation, Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War II, and Civil and Human Rights - that shaped the country into what it is today.

Dates: May 29-June 12

Cost: $2,000, food not included

Chaperones: Mr. Wells, Mr. Held

Trip Registration

Signups will open on Tuesday, Nov. 30, at noon EST and close on Thursday, Dec. 2, at noon EST.


Signups will open on Tuesday, Nov. 30, at noon EST and close on Thursday, Dec. 2, at noon EST. If more students sign up than space allotted, older students will be given priority.
Reservation Requirement: 10 percent of trip cost is due at time of registration to reserve placement. The balance will be billed to the student's account in January.




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Parents: The Academy will pre-purchase air tickets once the travel group to the Grand Canyon is filled. (The U.S. History trip will be made via ground transportation.)

By clicking the "Commit to Travel" button below, you are making a financial commitment. You are agreeing to purchase air tickets even if your child should later choose not to participate. The Academy cannot hold a spot for any student until they are registered and have paid 10 percent of the trip cost using this online form.

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