Hubbard Plymouth Exchange

Students in England standing with a BeefeaterWhat is the Hubbard Plymouth Exchange Program?

Leverett Hubbard, a friend of WMA, founded the Hubbard Plymouth Exchange Program in 2008. The purpose of the fund is to support an exchange with Plymouth College or another boarding school in Great Britain so that WMA students will develop an appreciation for the history and culture of England and to understand through first-hand experience the connectedness of the “colony” with “the motherland.”

Four students in good standing who have never traveled outside of the United States are selected each year based on an essay application outlining their desire to travel.

student trip to plymouth


"The views of the countryside were beautiful; I had never seen grass so green or so many sheep! Surprisingly, this was the only day it rained. The weather for the rest of the trip was windy, but the sun was always shining.''
. . .
" . . . the mother of our host Skye offered us a delightful treat called cream tea. It is a biscuit - known as a scone by the Brits - with clotted cream, jam and fruit on top (or at least this is the ''Devon Way'.')
It is, of course, served with tea. This easily became one of the best parts of our trip!''

- Olivia DeBaise '18

students travel to plymouth


Korynna Rankin '18, Alexa Fleury '18, Miles Lester '17 and Dakota Wheeler '17 traveled with Faculty Advisors Tim Harrington '71 and Wally Swanson in March 2017.


Check out the story in the Fall 2017 Academy World magazine.

''I was shocked by the Architecture ... I though that buildings built in the 1600s and 1700s were as old as it gets. I saw architecture, such as Buckland Abbey, which was built about 700 years ago. It was astonishing for me to think about how in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries people were able to build such amazing structures, like castles and churches, without modern day technology.''

- Alexa Fluery '18