Arts Courses

Credits required: 3

Creative problem solving and new avenues of self-expression are at the core of Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Fine & Performing Arts (FPA) program. We offer a full range of learning in theater, music, and the visual arts, including digital media, which benefit the entry-level student as well as the advanced artist or performer seeking a higher-level experience. We strive to teach students the skills and thought processes that ensure a deeper understanding of both their immediate and global cultural environments. The faculty members in the FPA Department offer in-depth studies of current practices within their respective disciplines. The department encourages personal growth and the pursuit of both individual and collaborative excellence. Therefore, the process is equally as important as the final product. To help achieve this end, courses are tiered allowing students to build both their confidence and their skill level. All of the instructors in the department are working professionals, actively engaged in their art. We believe students are better prepared for the challenges of the 21st century by understanding and engaging in the complex and diverse human expression inherent in these disciplines. Note: Materials fee may be charged for these courses.

Three credits in the Fine & Performing Arts are required. Three trimester electives or one yearlong class can meet this requirement. It is recommended that students work to meet their Fine & Performing Arts requirement early in their time at WMA to allow flexibility for AP courses and special interest electives in Grades 11 and 12. Computer graphics and web design courses do not meet the Fine & Performing Arts requirement.

Fine Arts

Performing Arts