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3 WMA Students Selected for National Leadership Conference

Wilbraham & Monson Academy students display leadership skills every day on campus.

In a few months, three WMA students will join students from throughout the world to hone their respective leadership abilities.

Moonsu "Jackson" Kang '20, Theresa Kervick '20 and Nick Thorn-Guillaro '20 were selected to attend the 2019 National Student Leadership Conference, which is held during the summer at various sites throughout the country, as well as a few internationally.

The program, which began in 1989, offers 28 career and leadership programs, where students develop public speaking, conflict resolution, group dynamic and negotiation skills.

The three WMA students were selected by NSLC to attend the following workshops:

  • Jackson - Acting Intensive at Yale University
  • Theresa - Biotechnology at American University
  • Nick – Business and Entrepreneurship at Fordham University


Jackson on why he wanted to attend the leadership conference: "I like to be a leader. I want to learn more about leadership. I'm a prefect in school and I could learn more about that. There was also an intensive in theater and I want to see how that's working out of that program."

Theresa on what she wants to get out of the program: "My hope is to be able to get out into the real world to work on stuff that I hope to learn and study about in the future. Also, I want to meet people who have the same interest as me, and make relationships with those people. I want to be able to get out on my own and handle things on my own, without out my parents being right there."

Nick on why he chose the business and entrepreneurship workshop: "I applied for the business conference at Fordham University because it will give me an opportunity to go to a school for a week that I am interested in attending. At the same time I am also able to learn about something that I greatly enjoy, and it allows me to be around others who also enjoy business."