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Leah Thorn-Szostkiewicz '24 Records Highest Score at Music Festival

It would appear Wilbraham & Monson Academy's Leah Thorn-Szostkiewicz '24 has a flare for the violin.

Participating in her first competition, and against violinists years older than her, at a regional event, Leah did just about as well as she could have done.

Leah received the highest score possible during her evaluation process in the 12-and-over age group at the 57th annual New England Music Festival in Newton, Massachusetts, April 7.

Leah, who has been playing the violin for less than three years, performed Americana at the competition.


Leah on why she enjoys the violin: "I enjoy how it sounds. It's challenging, and I like doing challenging things."

Leah on her performance: "It was surprising. Beforehand, I was very nervous. I wasn't sounding as good as I had in the past. But when I went into the room (with the judge for the evaluation), I think it was the best I've ever played this song."

Leah on participating at the New England Music Festival: "It was exciting and fun. It was a lot of fun, and I'll definitely do it next year. This is the biggest competition of the year. It's the New England Music Festival, so there are people from all of New England."