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Norah Omar '21 Wins WMA's Poetry Out Loud

Roses are red,

Violets are blue;

Norah was impressive,

Reciting a poem or two.

Norah Omar '21 won Wilbraham & Monson Academy's annual Poetry Out Loud contest Feb. 14, topping a field of more than 50 competitors.

The victory advanced Norah to one of the state's regional competitions, where she will compete in March against students from other schools in the Greater Springfield area.

Emalee Watson '21 and Ten Kalule '21 placed second and third, while Shixing "Cherry" Wang '21 won the category for international students.

Norah recited "Difference" by Stephen Vincent Benet, and "Dead Butterfly" by Ellen Bass. The Academy's English Department judged the event.


Norah on winning WMA's Poetry Out Loud: "I didn't go in with (the mindset of winning). This was something new for me: reciting poetry. I did enjoy it. It's interesting; the poems were written in different time periods (than now) but they still evoke the same emotional response today that I'm sure they did back then with their readers."

English Department Chair Tim Harrington '73 on Norah's performance: "Norah delivered her two difficult poems with great poise and dramatic effect. She clearly understood the poems and her delivery was near perfect. She is a deserving champion who no doubt will do a great job representing the school in the regional and hopefully the state competitions."

Mr. Harrington on this year's POL participants: "We had a great group of contestants for the all-school Poetry Out Loud competition this year. For the first time in recent memory, the group was comprised entirely of sophomores. But all of the judges commented about how consistently strong the recitations were across the entire group. The final scoring was very close."