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WMA Proves to be Leader in Global Education

Wilbraham & Monson Academy continues to prove it is a leader in the realm of global education, with two faculty members presenting at a national conference attended by more than 300 educators.

WMA Center for Entrepreneurial & Global Studies Department members Michael Dziura and Sommer Mahoney '11 gave a 90-minute presentation titled "Conflict, Debate, Negotiation and Resolution: Approaching Global Engagement in the AP Classroom" at the annual conference for the Global Education Benchmark Group in Atlanta, Georgia, April 4-6.


Dean of Faculty Wally Swanson on WMA presenting at the GEBG annual conference: "I'm extremely pleased that Michael and Sommer were chosen to present at the conference. The work they are doing in meshing rigorous AP standards with a global mindset is impressive. Being selected to present to peers from around the country is a testament to their hard work and creativity."

Mr. Dziura on WMA being a leader in the world of global education: "There are some areas, particularly in curriculum, where I feel we're doing really well. As we were one of the founding schools of the Global Education Benchmark Group, other schools look to us."

Ms. Mahoney on what prompted her and Mr. Dziura to give this specific presentation: "We've been impressed with what our students have done, and over the years they've changed and grown to the point where kids are producing sophisticated work. We felt like we had finally reached the point where based on what our students were doing, we could share our method of helping out students maintain either content expertise, which is my area, or skills expertise, which is his area."

Ms. Mahoney on how the presentation went: "We had a very engaged crowd. We ran them through some exercises that are based off our projects. It was nice to be able to share like that and ask smart questions; questions that were applicable. I could tell by the questions they were asking they were thinking seriously about how this would help."

Mr. Dziura on why it's important to attend educational, globally-themed conferences: "It's important to experience a conference like this where you have people who have been tasked with implementing global education strategies in various schools throughout the country and around the world, and finding out what has worked for them and what has not worked for them, sharing common frustrations and triumphs."