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Grade 6 Health Meets Pen Pals
Middle School Robotics wins trophy at state event
Middle School Robotics places 2nd; Advances to State Event
Lainey Gilmartin '22 wins title at national horse show
2 WMA students rank in top 5% on national AMC 8 exam

Middle School

"While the web experience is lovely, there is nothing like sitting in one of our classrooms with a dozen 13-year-olds, arguing the finer points of Westward Expansion or investigating the economic impact of coastal soil erosion."
Stuart WhitcombDirector of the Middle School

A Day and Boarding Program

We are an independent boarding and day school for Grades 6, 7 & 8

Learn more about our boarding experience!

From the Director

Read about what's new and exciting in the Middle School, as shared by its Director Stuart Whitcomb.

2017-2018 Viewbook

More about Middle School ...

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"Titans of Character"

Wilbraham & Monson Academy has embraced the motto of its annual Frank Chapin Cushman Award, one of the Academy’s most prestigious accolades, to serve as a beacon for the entire community:

“Live clean, Speak true, Work hard, Play fair

In this spirit, Mr. Easler created the “In This Community” statements - gentle reminders of the elements we hold dear and a solid foundation on which any individual might build a life of great character - we see posted throughout the campus.

In the Middle School, these community values statements are taken to heart. Students and faculty are always noticing Middle School community members who, through their actions, embody elements of the ideals Mr. Easler put forth. We noticed that our students were quietly going about their business while simultaneously displaying great character, so we devised a process to recognize them. Hence “Titans of Character,’’ a monthly award for MS students.

April 2018

Grade 6 - Callie Dunbar

If ever there was a personification of the ITC statement “we offer our assistance,” it would be Callie Dunbar. Callie can be seen consistently helping others in class, in the hallway and as she guides visiting students through our school. On these tours, our guests get a firsthand view of how beautifully Callie embraces this willingness to assist, but also the following ITC statements: “we embrace learning,” “we challenge ourselves” and “we choose happiness.” A school like ours needs an ambassador, and Callie fits that role so very, very well. Well done Callie!

Grade 7 - Brady Gouin

Brady Gouin has embraced three key ITC statements that make our school a better place for learning and living: “we value our differences,” “we challenge ourselves” and “we actively engage with one another.” At the beginning of the year on a Six Flags outing, Brady became the chief tour guide to our new dorm friends. He knew how important it was for these students to feel comfortable and included, and recognized that he had so much to learn from them as well. This appreciation for his schoolmates continued into April where Brady stepped in to sort out differences between classmates while helping others complete projects during crunch time - in these ways and so many more Brady has proven to be a true Titan of Character.

Grade 8 - Luke Lombard

While the idea of an ITC statement seems limited to school, the fact is a Titan acts like a Titan no matter where they are. Luke Lombard embodies this ideal. Luke showed great moxie when he recognized his behavior in class might have been a distraction to others, and thus returned after class to apologize to his teacher - a move Ms. Giokas found to be refreshing, mature and loaded with character. In this one action, Luke embodied three significant ITC statements “we hold ourselves accountable,” “we seek solutions rather than blame” and “we apologize and forgive”. Not long after that, Luke stood before a large crowd at a rally in Northampton and shared his Memorial Project research with complete strangers - it is a bold move when “we embrace learning” in such a way, but not out of character for a Titan like Luke Lombard. Bravo Luke!

Dorm - Andrew Guillaume

Andrew had a very special and positive April and was recognized by adults and students alike for his kindness and his dedication to our community. In the dorm, Andrew displayed two key ITC statements, “we support one another” and “we are friendly and courteous” when he helped a dorm mate through a difficult time by simply remaining positive and offering comfort without making the person feel overwhelmed - a delicate task. Andrew also embraced “we seek solutions rather than blame” when he realized his table mates at lunch had left the table a mess - Andrew noticed the problem, shrugged his shoulders and cleaned the table. That is what Titans do, and we noticed. Excellent job, Andrew!

March 2018

In March, we sent out a call to Middle School faculty to nominate students they had witnessed display great character. From these nominees, four students were selected- one for the dormitory and one for each grade. Below please find our inaugural recipients - Sally Geoghegan, Kaelan Pinnock, Jeremiah Patterson-Yancy and Jinyu “Melody” Zhan. Their photographs are proudly on display in the Middle School rotunda. Bravo and brava to these four - our “Titans of Character!”

Grade 6 - Sally Geoghegan

Sally went above and beyond to be the inaugural “Titans of Character” recipient for Grade 6. Sally took time out of her busy schedule to create and share a study guide for her classmates, giving them the opportunity to work together to master the material in Humanities class. Brava to you, Sally, for meeting the following ITC statements - "We offer our assistance" and "We embrace learning" and "We actively engage with one another!"

Grade 7 - Kaelan Pinnock

As the initial “Titans of Character” recipient for Grade 7, Kaelan remained aware of his surroundings and invested in our expectations by recognizing his teacher was involved in an important conversation, and by waiting patiently and respectfully. Through his actions he embodied two key expectations of our school: "We respect our school, ourselves and others" and "We are friendly and courteous." Well done, Kaelan.

Grade 8 - Jeremiah Patterson-Yancy

Our Grade 8 recipient took "We offer our assistance" and "We are friendly and courteous" to the next level. He helped a member of the community who was not feeling well by fetching her water, thereby keeping her hydrated and comfortable. This not only took care of an individual, but also demonstrated to the community how to take care of others. Well done, Jeremiah!

Dorm - Jinyu “Melody” Zhan

How wonderful to have students from around the world taking such good care of our community and ensuring we have new, strong members to follow in their footsteps. Melody sent a follow-up letter to a visiting international student, sharing her love of the school and her greatest words of wisdom - it was very well received. A few months later, Melody wrote an article that was published in numerous newspapers and websites celebrating a visiting filmmaker. In doing so, Melody met the following three ITC statements: "We actively engage with one another" and "We challenge ourselves" and "We support one another.” Excellent work, Melody.

Welcome to the WMA Middle School

This portal to our community will share some of the more tangible elements of the WMA Middle School experience – if you will, the who, what and where. Clearly, these are important elements to the educational process, and the foundation on which we will build a strong community of young learners, engaged families and skilled faculty.

Here we share with you the courses, activities and experiences that fill the academic day, we introduce the faculty and coaches who guide, engage and inspire their students, and we let you explore our Middle School program through the lens of a day student or a boarding student.

Most importantly, we encourage you to use this introduction as the springboard to visiting our campus ­­ while the web experience is lovely, there is nothing like sitting in one of our classrooms with a dozen13-year-olds, arguing the finer points of Westward Expansion, investigating the economic impact of coastal soil erosion or simply working together to create a piece of music that will be performed before an audience of their peers.

This is a special place, and we are happy to share it with you.


Stuart Whitcomb
Director of the Middle School


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Dress Code

Middle School students are no longer required to wear a blazer during the academic day.

Please note that each Thursday, students must wear either a school sweater with an embroidered WMA crest or a blazer (with crest).

For more information on ordering a blazer or sweater, please click here.

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Phone: 413. 596.9154

Themes by Grade

Grade 6: Knowing One’s Past

Grade 6 students begin their WMA Middle School experience with a cross-curricular investigation of the past, and with an eye toward how understanding one’s past is a key to successfully unlocking present issues and concerns. Students learn foundational academic skills while investigating the evolution of human societies and exploring those processes, which govern natural history.

Grade 6 course information.

Grade 7: Knowing One’s Community

The theme Knowing One’s Community asks students in Grade 7 to consider the people who surround them and the place in which they live, then consider how these elements inform their understanding of humanity across the globe. Similarly, students will study the cooperative mechanics of the human organism and of societies, then investigate how breakdowns in systems lead to ill health and social upheaval. Finally, a gentle comparison of ecosystems and human societies ends the year with students questioning their own place in their social and ecological community.

Grade 7 course information.

Grade 8: Knowing One’s Self

The Grade 8 focus on Knowing One’s Self is both thematically and developmentally aligned - here students will investigate change (physical, natural and social) as it relates to power and energy while placing themselves at the eye of these investigations. Students will explore power used appropriately and power abused, and the outcomes of each, determining their individual stance on appropriate human interaction with their world.

Grade 8 course information.