MS Closing Ceremony 2020


Virtual Ceremony

Mr. Easler: Opening Remarks

Mr. Whitcomb: Director's Address


From Mr. Whitcomb

Welcome to the WMA Middle School Closing Ceremonies webpage. Dedicated to year-ending speeches, awards and the Titans of Grade 8, how you choose to navigate these pages is entirely up to you. Perhaps begin with Mr Easler's opening remarks, move on to Mr Whitcomb's address, and then into the student voices - from there, open the Grade 8 slideshow and celebrate along with these hard-working Titans. Finally, peruse the Awards page and notice those students who have received special recognition for their contributions to our academic community. It is not what we dreamed of in September but it is a celebration of so much hard work and dedication by so many wonderful people - we hope you enjoy your experience.

Stuart Whitcomb
Director of Middle School


MS Closing Ceremony webpage links

Grade 8 Page

Meet the Class of 2024 and watch the Grade 8 slideshow here.

Middle School Awards Page

Check out our amazing awards winners - in all grades - here.


Meet the Student Speakers!

Meiyi Chen '24

Meiyi is a second-year boarding student from Beijing, China. She has been a WMA Middle School student since Grade 7.

Callie Dunbar '24

Callie, a resident of Wilbraham, has been a Middle School student since Grade 6.

Sally Geoghegan '24

Sally is finishing her third year in our Middle School, and she lives in Wilbraham.

Audrey Harris '24

Audrey, a day student from Somers, Connecticut, is a three-year student in the Middle School.

Gabrielle Pierce '24

"Gabby" is a day student from Enfield, Connecticut, and she has been a Middle School student at WMA for two years.