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MS Leadership

From our Director


This portal to our community will share some of the more tangible elements of the WMA Middle School experience – if you will, the whowhat and where. Clearly, these are important elements to the educational process, and the foundation on which we will build a strong community of young learners, engaged families and skilled faculty.

Here we share with you the coursesactivities and experiences that fill the academic day, we introduce the faculty and coaches who guide, engage and inspire their students, and we let you explore our Middle School program through the lens of a day student or a boarding student.

Most importantly, we encourage you to use this introduction as the springboard to visiting our campus;­­ while the web experience is lovely, there is nothing like sitting in one of our classrooms with a dozen 13-year-olds, arguing the finer points of Westward Expansion, investigating the economic impact of coastal soil erosion or simply working together to create a piece of music that will be performed before an audience of their peers.

This is a special place, and we are happy to share it with you.


Stuart Whitcomb
Director of the Middle School
Phone: 413.596.9154

What sets us apart?

A Transformational Education at WMA

The WMA Middle School is the launching pad for all the incredible opportunities offered at Wilbraham & Monson Academy. Global leaders have been matriculating from WMA since 1804. As one of the preeminent prep schools in Massachusetts and beyond, we proudly mold the characters and work ethic of tomorrow's innovators and world changers.

Although we hold onto our honored traditions, we continually embrace a forward-thinking perspective to prepare students for our ever-evolving world. The distinct culture of WMA is one of enthusiasm, learning and community, which is what students experience when they choose to attend WMA Middle School.

Inclusive Private Middle School in Wilbraham

We are proud to be one of the most inclusive private middle schools in the area. We welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences and cultural perspectives to make up our student body. Diverse personal narratives are the enriching ingredients that help our students broaden their mindsets.

Nurturing Support System

Although students are challenged by the program at WMA Middle School, every day they're also surrounded by a concerned and caring network of faculty and staff. The WMA Middle School is a safe environment where adolescents can grow and develop. The traditional New England campus and state-of-the-art facilities give students the educational and developmental opportunities they need to succeed.

Our teachers seek to create an environment where curiosity is stimulated and passion, drive and innovation are encouraged. During their time at WMA, students learn the value of hard work while at the same time developing an enthusiasm for learning. This rigorous yet nurturing environment provides a solid foundation for the students who matriculate here.