Leah Thorn-Szostkiewicz '24 Records Highest Score at Music Festival
Middle School Model UN Excels at Conference
Sally Geoghehan '24 Wins Middle School Geography Bee
MS Robotics Advances to State Meet
Ayslin Dziedzic '25 Leads Benefit Concert

MS Life

After the Academic Day

Middle School boarding students are required to participate in an afternoon program. Day students are not required to participate in an afternoon program but are invited to participate if they choose to do so.

Lego RoboticsBasketballLacrosse
SoccerDramaLife Sports*
Study HallStudy HallStudy Hall

*Life Sports is a coed option that features golf, swimming, hiking, ultimate Frisbee and other games.

Day students choosing not to participate in an afternoon sport or activity and not picked up at the close of school are required to attend the after-school study hall held in the Middle School from 3:30 - 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 1:30 - 3 p.m. on Wednesday.


(in residence hall with all Middle School students invited)

7 – 9 p.m.: Movies, dances, game nights, snack nights, etc.


10 a.m. – noon: Brunch in Lak Dining Hall

1 p.m.: Off-campus activity (Boston trips, hiking, beaches, etc.)

5 p.m.: Dinner in Lak Dining Hall or out

Evening schedule dependent on when students arrive back from daytime activities.


10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.: Brunch in Lak Dining Hall

1 - 5 p.m.: Local activity (apple picking, bowling, community service, etc.)

5 p.m.: Dinner in Lak Dining Hall

7 – 8:30 p.m.: Study hall

Students are eligible to try out for upper school junior varsity or varsity sports that are not offered at the Middle School. Participation by a Middle School student in an upper school sport requires both parental permission and approval of the Middle School administration. The student and parent will have to sign a contract agreeing to abide by the upper school attendance policy.
Middle School offerings include:
  • Coed Soccer (fall)
  • Basketball (winter)
  • Lacrosse (spring)

Examples of the type of clubs that form each year:

  • Cooking
  • Entrepreneurial Club
  • Fantasy Sports
  • French
  • Movie Club
  • Photography/Yearbook
  • Student Council
  • Survival Club
  • Yearbook


Closing Ceremony 2019

Halloween Parade 2019

Grandparent & VIP Day 2019

Spring Concert & Art Show

Special Events

Family Weekend

During Family Weekend, usually scheduled Friday through Saturday, parents and other family members are welcomed to campus to enjoy classroom visits, athletic contests and parent-teacher conferences.

Back to School Night

Back to School Night offers parents an opportunity to get acquainted with the inner Middle School workings.

  • Technology used to support our academic program: G-Suite and eBackpack (our electronic classroom binder program).
  • Specials (Art, Health, Music, & PE), World Language Programs (French & Spanish) and classroom teachers of World Cultures, English, Math, & Science.
  • Classroom visits with a mock daily schedule

This is an open event for sharing information and not the time for parent-teacher conferences, which are held during Family Weekend.

All-School Trips

There are times throughout the school year when all Middle School students take a break from campus for ventures out into cities and woodlands. Some trips are day-long, while some are overnight. Examples of such trips are: Washington, D.C., Acadia National Park in Maine, Camp Shepard, and Nature's Classroom at Lake George, N.Y.

Field Day

At the end of the school year, students come together for friendly games and activities. This is also the time of year, students sign each others' yearbooks and tie-died event T-shirts.

Memorials, Monuments & Memory

One way a people remember the past is by building monuments that honor its heroes or commemorate its tragedies. In creating any memorial, the individuals involved must ask a variety of questions. Some deal with the purpose of the memorial; others focus on its audience; and still others consider who will be remembered and why. Is it possible to make people think about the unthinkable? Memorials and monuments reflect our values. They speak to what we think is important and what we choose to remember.

Students choose an event, person, or theme connected to their studies. Some monuments are directly connected to the events in the Holocaust, while others are connected by theme: courage, choosing to participate, the impact of words we use, bullying, labels, etc.

The lesson culminates with a showcase event in Binney Gallery where students are prepared to give a presentation to guests answer questions about their projects. Families and the WMA community are invited.

Middle School Closing Ceremony

An extraordinary cap to the school year, the Middle School Closing Ceremony incorporates musical performances, academic prize presentations and Grade 8 class speaker and diploma presentations. The event begins and ends with our esteemed Grade 8 students in procession, dressed in their best and Middle School families are our honored guests.

Moving Up Program

The Grade 8 Moving Up Program is for current Middle School students who will be WMA freshman the following year. Parents are invited to attend part of the program.

Part One: Families are welcomed to our Innovation Lab for refreshments and a presentation by key Grade 9 personnel. After the presentation, families and students visit major classroom functions to learn about what is covered in each discipline.

Part Two: To further facilitate the transition Grade 8 students students spend two class periods in the Upper School, giving them an opportunity to meet more of the faculty and students and get a sense of the difference between the Middle School and Upper School.


At the start of the school year, all families come together to become familiar with the school and the new school year.

  • New families meet current families and teachers
  • Faculty showcase their classrooms and curriculum
  • Technology and login credentials are introduced
  • Students locate their lockers and try out their lock combination
  • Music instruments and lessons are explored
  • Athletics options are presented
  • Parents part with their children as students go off to get acquainted through fun activities

Spring Concert & Art Show

Toward the end of the school year, students perform their musical talents for family and the WMA community. Our music directors work with students all year to prepare selections from classical, jazz, rock and pop genres.

Additionally, student artwork is on display including pottery, watercolors and ink.

Spring Semi-Formal

Students come together dressed in semi-formal wear in a decorated Campus Center to enjoy a night of food, friendships and dancing. Organized by the Student Council, this event is usually well-attended by the eighth grade class since it's the final dance of their Middle School career.

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

Grade 7 Humanities class dives deep into the Civil Rights Movement. Students are "guest speakers" in these four-minute presentations. Families and the WMA community are invited to attend.

  • 1950s Thurgood Marshall (Early Cases)
  • 1955 Moses Newsom (Reporter)
  • 1955 Claudette Colvin (Bus Protest)
  • 1957 Terrence Roberts (Little Rock Nine)
  • 1960 Diane Nash (Sit-Ins)
  • 1961 James Peck (Freedom Riders)
  • 1960s Sargent Shiver (Community Service)
  • 1963 Malcolm X (Black Nationalism)
  • 1963 Addie Mae Collins (16th Street Church Bombing)
  • 1963 Cynthia Wesley (16th Street Church Bombing)
  • 1964 Andrew Goodman (Freedom Summer)
  • 1964 Malcolm X (Taking Action)
  • 1965 John Lewis (Voting Rights)
  • 1965 Sheyann Webb (Edmund Pettus Bridge)
  • 1888 W.E.B. Dubois (Harvard Univ.)
  • 1905 W.E.B. Dubois (Niagara Movement)
  • 1936 Thurgood Marshall (Univ. of Maryland)
  • 1952 Medgar Evers (NAACP)
  • 1954 Claudette Colvin (Bus Protest)
  • 1955 Moses Newsom (Reporter - Emmett Till)
  • 1957 Elizabeth Eckford (Thoughts about Daisy Bates)
  • 1957 Terrence Roberts (Experiences at Central High)
  • 1960 John Lewis (Sit-In Movement)
  • 1961 James Zwerg (Freedom Riders)
  • 1961 James Peck (Freedom Riders)
  • 1961 John Lewis (Freedom Riders)
  • 1961 Sargent Shriver (Community Service)
  • 1964 Andrew Goodman (Freedom Summer)
  • 1965 Malcolm X (Mecca)

Winter Dance

Each winter, the Student Council organizes a dance event, allowing students to socialize and have fun together.

Homework & Summer Work


Middle School teachers anticipate that students will spend approximately 20 minutes each night in preparation for each major subject. The length of assignments will necessarily vary from time-to-time, but this guideline should be followed so that students will not be overburdened in any one class.

Summer Work

The Academy values engagement in summer reading. Not only does it allow students to maintain or further develop reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, but it also creates a common starting point for discussions in the classroom, all-school meetings, and even advisor meetings. Each summer we require an all-school read, as well as additional reading assignments for certain classes. In addition, we require summer math work so that the skills and content that was learned in the previous year is reviewed and remain sharp for the upcoming math class in the fall. Last, in order to assure a smooth start, students in our Boarding Program will receive a list of key terms and definitions in the areas of Mathematics, Science, and Humanities. These terms are to be memorized before their arrival at the start of the school year.