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17 French students receive national awards

17 French students receive national awards

Wilbraham & Monson Academy étudiants aiment le français, and for those who need help, WMA students love French.

Seventeen students from the Academy received awards for their performance on this year’s National French Exam (Le Grand Concours), including five who garnered national attention.

Jada Lee ’22 placed first in the Western Massachusetts region and finished sixth nationally. Jack Perenick ’21, Karin Yamaoka ’21, Sofia Hurtado Rodriguez ’21 and Emma Landry ’25 all placed in the top 13 at the national level.


World Languages Chair Fabienne Dubois on how WMA’s students performed overall on the Le Grand Concours: “I think they did an amazing job. Twelve out of 15 students in levels three and up were recognized. That's 80 percent. Students earned gold, silver and bronze medals.” 

Jada on what she enjoys about French: “My favorite part about French is that you learn about more than just the language. You learn about Francophone culture, history, traditions, etc., which Madame Dubois has been amazing about sharing here at WMA both inside and out of the classroom.”

Jack on his experience taking French at WMA: “After seven years of French at WMA with Madame Dubois, it was bittersweet to take the National French Exam for the last time in high school. Taking Post-AP French this year was very helpful with the reading part of the exam, and having more fluency made the exam a lot less intimidating. It is always gratifying to see how our French knowledge compares with others in New England and across the country, and I am extraordinarily thankful to Madame for all of her help preparing me over the better part of this decade.” 

Sofia on taking French: “I can safely say that it was all my parents' idea. However, as the years have passed, I realize the love I have for the language. French is another tool that allows me to speak incessantly. In addition to that, learning a language invites you to a type of cultural awakening and opportunities as such.” 

Emma on what she enjoys about French: “I enjoy French because it is challenging and requires me to use both aspects of my thinking – ‘the logic and the poetry’ as my French teacher Mr. (Jonathan) Brook refers to it. I felt prepared for the National French Exam because we studied and reviewed in class, and we were given access to the practice tests from past years.”

Below are students who received awards on Le Grand Concours:

Level 5 (highest level)

Bronze Medal: Jack Perenick ’21 (chapter rank: 2, national rank: 11), Karin Yamaoka ’21 (chapter rank: 3, national rank: 12)

Honorable Mention: Ian Brook ’21, Tendo Kalule ’21, Genna Miccoli ’22

Level 4

Silver Medal: Sofia Hurtado ’21 (chapter rank: 3, national rank: 13)

Honorable Mention: Cole Salvador ’22, Yuzuki Yamaoka ’23

Level 3 

Gold Medal: Jada Lee (chapter rank: 1, national rank 6)

Honorable Mention: Tiana Gao ’22, Quang “David” Nguyen ’22, Brady Gouin ’23, Gabriel Mujica ’23, Callie Dunbar ’24, Sally Geoghegan ’24

Level 2

Silver Medal: Emma Landry ’25 (chapter rank: 3, national rank 11)

Honorable Mention: Korbin Dixon ’24