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Catarina Carter '20 ranks 4th in country on National French Exam

Catarina Carter '20 ranks 4th in country on National French Exam

Two years ago, Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Catarina Carter ’20 was interrogated by French Police on the France-Spain border regarding a problem with her visa. She didn’t understand a word and felt helpless.

Never again.

Following her second year of taking French as a foreign language, including her first at WMA, Catarina finished the National French Exam (Le Grand Concours) as one of the top students in the country for her skill level.

Catarina won a gold medal and posted the fourth-best score in the nation on the French 3 exam.


Catarina on winning a gold medal: “This is probably the first time I’ve met the very high expectations I had set for myself, so I couldn’t be more excited about winning a gold medal.”

Catarina on the influence of Madame Fabienne Dubois as her teacher: “It’s safe to say that I’m now obsessed with most things French, a result of Madame Dubois’s incorporation of Francophone cultures into her curriculum.”

Madame Dubois regarding Catarina’s outlook as a student: “Catarina has a unique perspective on things because she has been exposed to several languages and cultures, and she would bring this multiculturalism to the classroom in her humble and respectful way. Catarina also participated this year in all the French Club activities, the immersion day at Bancroft; and she won second place in our class baking contest, putting a lot of care and effort into making delicious macaroons. Catarina's unpretentious, dynamic, warm personality and enthusiastic interest in the Francophone culture will truly be missed next year.” 

Madame Dubois regarding the success of WMA’s French students on this year’s exam: “Twenty-three students earned awards in the Upper School. We are proud of all students in our French classes for trying and doing their best. We practiced over a couple of weeks and the results were amazing. The ranking of students on the national level also improved from years past, which is also very encouraging.”

The following students earned awards on this year’s national exam.

French 1

Guo Yin ’23, silver medal, ninth place nationally

James Kumpulanian ’21, Honorable Mention certificate

French 2

Tiana Gao ’22, silver medal, sixth place nationally

Brady Gouin ’23, Honorable Mention certificate

French 3 Honors

Catarina Carter ’20, gold medal, fourth place nationally

Sofia Hurtado ’21, silver medal, fifth place nationally

Yuzuki Yamaoka ’23, silver medal, eighth place nationally

Bernardo Hurtado ’21, bronze medal

Cole Salvador ’22, bronze medal

Kathryn Quinn ’20, Honorable Mention certificate

French 4 Honors

Genna Miccoli ’22, bronze medal

Lainey Gilmartin ’22, bronze medal

Emily Du ’20, Honorable Mention certificate

Katharine Xu ’20, Honorable Mention certificate

Julia Puppolo ’20, Honorable Mention certificate

French 5 AP/Post AP

Jeremy Dubois ’21, Division 5C, gold medal, sixth place nationally

Jack Perenick ’21, Division 5A, silver medal, 10th place nationally

Liam Garrison ’20, Division 5A, bronze medal

Charlotte Derose ’21, Honorable Mention certificate

Karin Yamaoka ’21, Honorable Mention certificate

Emily Fafard ’20, Honorable Mention certificate

Tendo Kalule ’21, Honorable Mention certificate

Ian Brook ’21, Honorable Mention certificate