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"Cindy" Doan '24 advances to state GeoBee

"Cindy" Doan '24 advances to state GeoBee

Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Giang Tran Bao “Cindy” Doan ’24 will be in elite company at the end of the month when she competes at the National Geographic GeoBee State Competition on March 27 at Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

After winning the WMA GeoBee in the Middle School, Cindy scored in the top 100 amongst all of the school winners in the state on an online exam, earning her a select spot in the state event.

The winner of the state competition will receive $1,000 and advance to the national event, which will be held in Washington, D.C., May 18-21.

GeoBee and Model United Nations were offered as an after-school activity in the Middle School during the second trimester. The group was led by Madame Fabienne Dubois.


Cindy on advancing to the state event: “Advancing was a big surprise. I surpassed my expectations. I was happy. I learned I advanced in the middle of science class and everyone started cheering. I promised them each $10 if I won the money (for earning first place).”

Cindy regarding taking the online exam: “That was a lit harder. I didn’t have anyone next to me. I took it alone in a room with Madame Dubois. It felt like a lot of pressure because there was no one else in the room. And the questions were harder because they weren’t just on geography; there were questions about religion and vegetation.”

Cindy on competing at the state event: “It sounds like a lot of pressure because there are some preliminary rounds, and I’ll be going against real people instead of facing a computer. That will be harder but I want to do it.”

Madame Dubois regarding Cindy: “Cindy worked a lot during the trimester. She was focused and engaged in everything we did. She came a little late into the group because she was busy with robotics but she caught up. She was amazing. She studied, was on task and used her time well. It didn’t come as a surprise when she advanced to the next round. She deserved it; she worked really hard for it.”