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Rayce Abal-Sadeq '21 wins Poetry Out Loud

Rayce Abal-Sadeq '21 wins Poetry Out Loud

Rayce Abal-Sadeq ’21 doesn’t think of himself as a poet.

Being an orator, though, well now that’s a different story.

Using his strong public speaking skills and adding a touch of the dramatic, Rayce was named the winner of Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Poetry Out Loud competition Jan. 30.

Reciting E.E. Cumming’s Buffalo Bill’s and John Brehm’s Layabout, Rayce bettered 13 other contestants to advance to a state semifinal, which will be held at the Community Music School of Springfield March 1 at 10 a.m.


Rayce on competing at WMA’s Poetry Out Loud contest: “I just tried to do the best I could with the assignment. Public speaking has always been a good thing for me. I got up there confidently rather than just saying the poem for what it is. I said it with emotion even though I’m not an emotional guy.”

Rayce on winning the school event: “It felt good. I didn’t expect myself to win. I thought some kids came out with longer poems but I’m grateful to win, and I’m looking forward to competing in Springfield.”

Rayce on reciting poetry in public: “I’m confident in public speaking. It was more expressing the poem, and doing it how I would say it myself rather than how the poet would. It’s how you interpret the poem.”