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Students enjoy Dutch entrepreneur

Students enjoy Dutch entrepreneur

Hmmm, donuts or cookies?

Tough choice.

Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Ms. Gayle Hsiao surprised her Entrepreneurship class – and especially two of her Dutch students – when she invited Holland native Joost Elling to Zoom with the group Sept. 17.

Mr. Elling, founder of Joost Wafel Company in Delaware, explained his journey to WMA’s students, which included Marenthe Hofstede ’21 and Binnert Van Den Blink ’21 of the Netherland.

Always one to have a trick up her sleeve, Ms. Hsiao had Mr. Elling’s treats delivered to WMA for the students to enjoy. Binnert chose a stroopwafel cookie, while Marenthe went for a ooliebollen donut.


Ms. Hsiao: “Joost Elling is the son of my neighbor in Bethany Beach (Delaware). His dad introduced him to me as 'my son, the entrepreneur!' You can imagine how that piqued my curiosity. After hearing his story, I had in the back of my mind that he would be a good guest speaker for my class someday because he started making his stroopwafel cookies when he was only 13.”

Binnert: “I knew what he was talking about and how it was made it. It was funny to see what other people thought of it and how it’s perceived here in America.”

Marenthe: “I thought it was funny we brought a Dutch snack to an American classroom.”