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Tianyi "Andrea" Xu '25 wins DAR contest

Tianyi "Andrea" Xu '25 wins DAR contest

Much like so many women in the United States 100 years ago, Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Tianyi “Andrea” Xu ’25 wanted a voice.

After learning about the 19th Amendment in Mr. David Allen’s Grade 7 World Cultures class in the Middle School, Andrea entered and won a poster contest hosted by the Mercy Warren Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in April.

Andrea was declared the winner of the middle school division. The drawing included suffragists Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady, as well as the movement’s red-fisted symbol and quotes along the borders. Her work will be displayed at the Wilbraham Public Library.


Andrea on why she wanted to draw a poster for the DAR contest: “I wanted to draw a poster because I think it is important for people to raise their awareness on women’s rights, and I think this is an interesting part of U.S. history.”

Andrea on what she found interesting regarding the topic of women’s voting rights in Mr. Allen’s class: “We had many discussions about the women’s rights movement in Mr. Allen’s class. When we were learning about American history, he always implied the impact women had in the history, and I believe this is also part of what inspired me to attend this contest.”

Andrea regarding winning the contest: “I am not surprised of winning this award because of my artistry, but I am proud of being able to educate more people about this historical event in women’s history since my work will be displayed (at the town library) soon.”

Mr. Allen regarding Andrea’s poster: “The way Andrea worked in quotes by suffragettes on the borders is especially thoughtful, yet I can't help but think that her vibrant use of colors also caught the judges' attention. We turned some of our class focus to Women's History Month in March and are reading “I Am Malala” in our online classes as a concluding experience, so it will be nice to keep this focus going with some Middle School trips to the Wilbraham Public Library to see Andrea's poster this fall.”

Mr. Allen regarding Andrea as a student: “Andrea is a very conscientious student, so while it's interesting that someone from China took up the charge to commemorate this overdue democratic milestone, I'm not surprised that it was Andrea, and that she pressed on with it toward a submission deadline in the midst of this quarantine insanity.”