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5 WMA students earn awards at Scholastic contest

5 WMA students earn awards at Scholastic contest

Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Zheng “Richard” Xie ’20 and Jingting “Gina” Xie ’20 both entered art contests last year and didn’t come away with the results they had hoped.

Richard and Gina entered contests again this year, with their expectations set very low.

Those hopes turned to unsuspecting glee in February when they learned they received silver medals for their entries into the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a statewide contest for students in Grades 7-12 in Massachusetts.

Richard’s collection of illustrations was completed for his AP 2D Art class last year, while Gina made a four-minute video for her college portfolio.

WMA also had four students earn Honorable Mention recognition: Zihan “William” Chen ’21 (twice), Eric Kim ’21, Tianqi Li ’20 and Richard.


Richard on his drawings: “Throughout my project, the main topic was communication between now and present times. I drew pictures of older versions of myself and projected them onto a wall. Then I stood next to it and communicated with the older version of myself.”

Richard on winning a silver medal: “I was actually really surprised this project won a silver medal because I submitted this project to the AP 2D test (last year) but the result wasn’t what I expected. I was really disappointed at that time. I thought the project wasn’t as good as what I thought. But after I received the silver medal from the Scholastic Awards, I feel like all my hard work last year paid off. Someone understood what I was trying to communicate with this project.”

Gina on her video: “It’s a video I directed. I filmed this movie for a collection of my garments because I’m doing fashion design. I designed clothes. I wanted to show things under the cover because most people are covering themselves and pretending, most of the time. I was trying to show people have colors. In the video I have a model. She is wearing the clothes I designed. It’s a collection of clothing. She’s wearing all of them at once. In the video she’s ripping off the clothes, like taking off the cover.”

Gina on winning a silver medal: “I was really surprised. I attended this last year but didn’t receive anything. This year I was not expecting to win a silver medal but I did. It’s surprising and I’m happy about that.”