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Idan Tretout '19 Wins Acting Award

Idan Tretout '19 Wins Acting Award


Idan Tretout ’19 joined the Academy Repertory Company for his final trimester at Wilbraham & Monson Academy thinking he was going to learn a few basics about acting.

He learned much more, and surprisingly, he received much more than he ever thought he would.

In his first acting appearance, Idan received a Recognition Award certificate following ARC’s performance at the Spotlight Theater Festival, hosted by the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School May 5 in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Idan will attend and play basketball at Harvard University following his graduation in May.

WMA, which was one of five schools at the event, performed “The Bear,” a one-act play written by Anton Chekhov.

It was also the final performance for WMA’s Katharine Hoag ’19, who was a member of ARC for nine consecutive trimesters.


Idan on why he joined ARC: “I went into the class thinking we were going to start to learn the first steps toward acting – stage names and little lessons that Ms. (Sue) Dziura knew. But after a week she said we were going to do a play, and I thought, ‘I did not sign up for this.’ She said it would be a quick play and it ended up being 20 minutes and I had the biggest role. I didn’t know how it would go because I can barely remember song lyrics.”

Idan on performing in front of an audience off campus: “If anything I thought it was easier. Your friends might joke around with you after, and you have the same image around your peers. But when I got around a different crowd, and they were all actors, I just felt really comfortable. The audience reacted to everything we were saying so that’s when we knew it was going well.”

Idan on winning an acting award: “That was out of the blue. I was ready and put everything I had into it. I was surprised (to win an award) being my first time.”

Ms. Dziura on Idan’s acting ability: “He has incredible instincts and takes direction very well, which is not typical. He was super invested and engaged. He thought he couldn’t learn his lines and he was clearly wrong. He was awesome.”

Ms. Dzuira on Kate’s acting career at WMA: “Kate’s been the foundation for ARC for the last three years. She’s grown hugely. When she got here she was nervous, and now she’s doing major roles. She going to college (Skidmore) for acting, and she’s amazing and hilarious.”