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Mr. Bloomfield's Artwork on Display at Exclusive Show

Mr. Bloomfield's Artwork on Display at Exclusive Show

Not every artist can have work exclusively displayed at a gallery.

Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Paul Bloomfield isn’t any artist.

WMA’s Fine & Performing Arts Chair had more than 30 pieces exhibited at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield, Mass. The two-plus years project of drawings and paintings, which focused on recent political figures involved in scandals, was featured Sept. 7 – Oct. 25.


Mr. Bloomfield on being the only artist on display: “I’ve had solo shows before. They help you focus on the story more because you have to tell the story more clearly. When you’re sharing the space with someone else, it’s hard to do that and because other things might speak louder than yours to some people. This way, it’s a more cohesive story – you can control it.”

Mr. Bloomfield on the importance of this art show: “What I wanted people to get out of the show is to continue the discussion of who these people are and what their role is, whether it’s part of a large cooperation or a deal they made. (I want people to) continue the conversations we need to have to have a vibrant and safe democracy.”