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4 make All-State First Team for Riflery

4 make All-State First Team for Riflery

Ten weeks after its season concluded and despite a worldwide pandemic, the Wilbraham & Monson Academy Riflery team is still making news.

On the heels of another perfect record, WMA landed four members on the Connecticut Rifle & Revolver Association 2020 High School All-State First Team. The selections were announced last week.

Ryan Cordeiro ’21, Junyi “Brian” Lu ’21, Jinyu “Melody” Zhan ’22 and Wooseung “Colin” Oh ’22 garnered the association’s highest honors. WMA, which has had 14 All-State selections over the last four years, accounted for one-third of the 12 spots on the First Team.


Coach Passy on WMA earning an unprecedented four All-State First Team honors: “The All-State selections for these four are well deserved. They were the backbone of the team, which captured yet another state championship for WMA and won every competition they entered. Some of the events they won came against more experienced, year-round shooters. I look forward to having them all back next year.”

Coach Passy regarding Ryan: “Ryan had another solid season for the team. His reliability and consistency is second to none. His effort doesn't take a day off and that leads to the success he has had for the program. His knowledge of the equipment we use makes him like another coach for the team.”

Coach Passy regarding Brian: “Brian had a breakout season for the Titans. He switched to a new gun this year, which made his results even more incredible. Brian has the highest potential of any seasonal shooter to come through the WMA program in my time with the team.”

Coach Passy regarding Melody: “Melody turned hard work into her first All-State selection. Mature beyond her years, she became a mentor to both the young women on the team and her fellow left-handed shooters. We look forward to watching her further improvement.”

Coach Passy regarding Colin: “Another one of our ‘young guns,’ Colin probably has the best technical shooting positions on the team. His calm and fun-loving demeanor is an ideal fit for our team. He was very important to this year’s team due to him becoming a reliable scorer for the squad.”

Ryan regarding the culture of the WMA Riflery program: “My favorite thing about the Riflery program is the team aspect. While everyone is individually based when shooting, when you aren't shooting is probably the most important time. You need to be cheering on your teammates and helping in any way possible to help everything run as smoothly as possible.”

Brian regarding the difference between riflery and other sports: “I think it is a challenging sport. I think of it as the opposite of other speeding sports, where riflery is about slowing down. Every breath and every little movement on your body counts.” 

Melody regarding what she likes about the WMA Riflery program: “This team is so supportive, caring and determined, and that’s what I love about the team. Riflery is definitely one of the most important things to me. It’s taught me so much and changed my personality totally.” 


Ryan - Two-time First Team selection; two-time WMA team MVP; 193.5 league average (out of 200); fifth-best average of 132 league shooters.

Top performances: Placed third among 136 shooters at Prep Gallery Match; took second among 70 shooters at NRA 3 Position Sectional.

Brian - 2019-20 WMA Coaches Award winner; 194.5 league average; second-best average of 132 league shooters.

Top performances: Recorded a school record 199 at championship match; earned a silver medal at the ASSA New England Indoor Prone Championships.

Melody - 192 league average; ninth-best average of 132 league shooters.

Top performances: Placed fourth among 129 shooters at NRA 4 Position Sectional; shot a 195 vs. Avon Old Farms.

Colin - 191 league average; 11th-best average of 132 league shooters.

Top performances: Finished fifth among 50 shooters at championship match; twice shot a 192 against Xavier High School.