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Riflery wins another banner with undefeated season

Riflery wins another banner with undefeated season

Not even the worst pandemic in 100 years could stop the Wilbraham & Monson Academy Riflery team from raising another banner.

For the fourth time in five years, WMA’s Riflery program finished with an undefeated season, winning all of its regular season matches before placing first against other prep and high school teams at postseason tournaments. The Titans extended their regular season winning streak to 32.

Led by Ryan Cordeiro ’21, Coach Bill Passy’s team went 9-0 during the regular season, won the Connecticut High School Riflery League Shoot Off, the NRA 4 Position Sectional and the Prep School Gallery Match.

Quotes from Coach Passy

Coach Passy on entering the season: “Going through what our school did in the fall with athletics, with most teams not having a season, we were happy to have a season here, albeit a short season and missing that time in December was a big loss for us. We were teaching the new kids the skills and turning that around into competitions after break, almost immediately and doing so well was a big surprise.”

Coach Passy on finishing with a perfect record: “This year, because we didn’t know what other schools were dealing with, for us to come out and perform as well as we did and have a perfect season was pretty incredible.”

Coach Passy on WMA having its own range: “I’ve always said having our own range on campus is the key to success here and it really showed this year. We were able to get that extra practice time in when other schools, having to go to public ranges, don’t have that access we have. Other schools get to a range 3-4 times a week and we get to a range six times a week, which makes a big difference in a condensed season.”

Coach Passy on Ryan’s performance during the season: “Ryan had another great season. We almost expected it; he worked with us in the fall for his athletic concentration. He’s had a solid career here for us. He’s really a once in a lifetime shooter for someone at the high school level, and I’m lucky enough to have a second one because Dan Wesson ’18 was one and now Ryan Cordeiro. I can’t thank Ryan enough for what he’s done for our program the last four years.”


Ryan finished with the highest scoring average in the Connecticut High School Riflery League for the season. It’s the first time in school history WMA had a student with the highest average.

Top shooters for WMA at the Shoot Off: Ryan (198 – 1st of 47), Jiwon Lee ’23 (2nd), Steven Holik ’22 (3rd), Sam Jasmin ’22 (8th), Jake ’22 (9th).

Top shooters for WMA at the NRA 4 Position: Ryan (1st of 61), Jiwon (3rd), Jake (5th), Steven (9th).

Top shooters for WMA at the Prep Gallery Match: Ryan (1st of 138), Jiwon (10th), Steven (12th), Jake (19th).