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Riflery wins Prep Gallery Match; Ryan Cordeiro '21 posts high score

Riflery wins Prep Gallery Match; Ryan Cordeiro '21 posts high score

The Wilbraham & Monson Academy Riflery program has become so strong that its top team could have not competed in the most recent competition and the Titans still would have won.

Led by Ryan Cordeiro ’21, WMA took the top two spots at the Prep Gallery Match Feb. 19 at Blue Trail Range in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Ryan posted the highest overall score with a 194 (out of 200) to lead WMA’s #1 four-person team, which won by 11 points with a 762 (out of 800). The winning team also consisted of Junyi “Brian” Lu ’21 (192), Wooseung “Colin” Oh ’22 (188) and Jinyu “Melody” Zhan ’22 (188).

The Titans’ runner-up group of Alex Otte ’20 (191), Jake Girhiny ’22 (186), Jiwon Lee ’23 (188), Arzum Li ’23 (186) finished with 751 points. Suffield was third at 743.

It was the fourth year in a row WMA won the Prep Gallery Match trophy.


Coach Bill Passy on the team winning the Prep Gallery Match: “Winning that for the fourth year in a row is a great accomplishment for our team. It shows the consistency in our program. We’re able to develop shooters year after year. It’s nice to have that big trophy in the trophy case.”

Coach Passy on the team taking the top two spots at the match: “It’s impressive because when you think about it, if we left our first team at home we would have still won the tournament, which is quite impressive. To have nine kids shoot 186 or above is tremendous. Four of the kids shot season highs. Also, only one kid is a senior, so that bodes well for the future for us.”

Coach Passy on Ryan posting the highest score of the match: “Ryan has been as steady as can be for us all year – even last year. His scores have been so consistent. He does a great job. He’s even-keeled, not letting his emotions get too high or too low, which is a good asset for him.”

Ryan on shooting the winning individual score: “It felt great. I haven’t been able to get over the 193 barrier so it’s great to get over that. I won by one point.”

Ryan on how the team performed at the match: “We got first and second. Suffield got pushed back to third because our second team did really well, which was really good because all of them except one were rookies.”

Ryan on WMA Riflery: “I think the work ethic is there from everyone. We have a lot of young kids on the team and we’ve been able to get most of them into the 180s, which is really impressive. The work ethic, our sighters helping the young kids get better, and coach working with everyone individually who needs help – fixing the little things …”