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Cindy Doan '24 Wins 9 Medals at Global Competition

Cindy Doan '24 Wins 9 Medals at Global Competition

Wilbraham & Monson’s Academy’s Bao Giang “Cindy” Doan ’24 won so many awards at a global educational competition in November the event’s organizers nearly couldn’t fit all of her accomplishments onto her certificate.

Competing against some of the brightest students in the world, Cindy earned nine medals at the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions 2019, which was held Nov. 8-13 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Cindy, who participated with two students from her previous school in Vietnam, qualified for the tournament finale after advancing from two earlier rounds in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and Beijing, China. She also participated in the event in 2018. Cindy won the following awards at this year’s contest, which included subject areas in literature, a special area (unsolved mysteries), art and music, science, social studies and history:

  • Gold Medal – Debate Champion
  • Gold Medal – Team Bowl
  • Gold Medal – School Top Scholar
  • Silver Medal – Challenge Special Area
  • Silver Medal – Team Writing
  • Silver Medal – Challenge Science
  • Silver Medal – Team Debate
  • Silver Medal – Champion Scholars
  • Silver Medal – Writing Champions
  • Top 20% – Individual Challenge
  • Top 25% – Challenge Literature
  • Top 30% – Team Countdown
  • Top 30% – Challenge Social Studies
  • Top 35% – Challenge Arts
  • Top 35% – Challenge History


Cindy on why she likes competing at the World Scholar’s Cup: “When it first began it was in my school and I figured it would be fun. And then I tried it, and it was really fun. So I kept coming back.”

Cindy on meeting students from throughout the globe: “I like it because you get to meet different people. You see other people’s point of view, too. It’s not just the competition. You’re seeing other people you never would have seen and probably never talked to just because they’re from another country. That’s what happened to me. I like seeing a new side of people I’ve never seen before.”

Cindy on what is her favorite subject at the World Scholar’s Cup: “It’s hard to choose but I guess debate. In writing and the other areas I don’t really speak much, just to my teammates. But in debate, I like standing up and arguing out loud, not just on paper. When I’m out loud I can be more convincing.”