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Jack Perenick '21 wins award at Yale Model UN

Jack Perenick '21 wins award at Yale Model UN

The overall theme of Yale Model United Nations is “Learn Today; Lead Tomorrow.”

Thrust by his passion for diplomacy and his interest in the role throughout the world of the United Nations, Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Jack Perenick ’21 is acquiring all of the tools to be a productive leader of tomorrow.

Jack earned a rare honor at the Yale Model UN in Connecticut Jan. 23-26, winning an Outstanding Delegate Award for his work representing Slovakia on the Special Political and Decolonization Committee concerning the current Palestinian refugee crisis and Xinjiang crisis in China.

The event drew 1,800 students from 40 countries to Yale University. Of the 100 students on his committee, Jack was one of just a handful to win an award.


Jack on being named an Outstanding Delegate: “It was an honor because I really enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot about current crises and how I can have a positive impact in the future in terms of real-world solutions, and especially towards what the UN can do to solve real current crises.”

Jack on his experience at Yale Model UN: “The general conference theme they have, which is “Learn Today; Lead Tomorrow,” was applicable in my case. I enjoyed learning a lot about the crises and then going and presenting a solution and working with other people to compromise and cooperate and eventually come up with something that was able to pass through committee.”

Jack on the atmosphere at Yale Model UN: “I enjoy the collegiate atmosphere of being on campus and to be able to meet with professors who give lectures about topics in international relations, and being able to interact with the chairs who lead the committees who are picked by Yale who foster a learning environment for delegates.”