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Kennedy Pelletier '25 Addresses Senators at Statehouse

Kennedy Pelletier '25 Addresses Senators at Statehouse

For a few minutes this week, Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Kennedy Pelletier ’25 had one of the most influential voices in the state of Massachusetts.

Kennedy addressed a group of state senators on the Joint Committee on Public Health at Beacon Hill Oct. 8 in support of a bill sponsored by Senator James Welch that would allow restaurants to have an EpiPen on site for customers.

With the entire WMA Grade 7 in attendance, along with multiple faculty members, Kennedy spoke for 2-3 minutes regarding the importance of the bill. At age 8, and prior to knowing she had a food allergy, Kennedy suffered a reaction while vacationing at Disney World.

Kennedy emailed Senator Welch last year explaining her situation. In September, Welch invited Kennedy to speak at the statehouse in support of his bill.


Kennedy regarding Senator Welch’s bill: “I wanted everyone to have an EpiPen if they needed one. Some people have a reaction before they know they’re allergic to something. If they have a reaction ad don’t know they’re allergic, they could have an EpiPen if they needed it.”

Kennedy on presenting at the statehouse: “It was really cool. I was excited and I liked doing it. I was happy all of my friends went. I was nervous, but my friends really helped. They were supportive and that helped me not be as nervous.”

Director of WMA Middle School Stuart Whitcomb regarding Kennedy’s speech at the statehouse: “What she was doing was being a voice for those who didn’t have a voice, or felt they didn’t have the time or space to speak up. What I think is super powerful about that is she’s a seventh grader. People don’t listen to middle school students all that often. It’s great she had a stage, and used that stage to make real, positive change.”

Mr. Whitcomb on the opportunity for Grade 7 to watch the process of a bill being presented at the statehouse: “Grade 7 is involved in the study of American civics right now so the timing could not have been better. Our students had a chance to meet two state senators, both of whom did a really good job advocating for the voice of the people, making it very clear it’s the voice of the people that should drive the conversation on Beacon Hill.”