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Shane Appiah '21, Norah Omar '21 teach Internet safety through DA's office

Shane Appiah '21, Norah Omar '21 teach Internet safety through DA's office

Norah Omar ’21 and Shane Appiah ’21 are exceptional role models in the Wilbraham & Monson Academy community.

Being leaders on campus, though, wasn’t enough for the pair of juniors, who joined the Youth Advisory Board for District Attorney Anthony Gulluni ’99 this year.

In February, Norah and Shane took Mr. Gulluni’s Netsmart Program to an elementary school in Chicopee to educate Grades 2 and 3 students about internet safety.


Norah on why she was interested in joining the Youth Advisory Board: “This was a great opportunity not only because I can build a network with different students from other schools in the area because we all have different perspectives based on the schools we go to, but also because of the District Attorney and the opportunity to build relationships and take more initiatives in the community.”

Norah on the success of the Netsmart presentation: “It was heartwarming because they were responsive and interactive. They responded to it very well. I think it’s crucial we do this because there are a lot of unsafe conditions on the internet right now, especially with social media use increasing with the younger ages.”

Shane on what drew him to the Youth Advisory Board: “I wanted to make an impact on my community, mainly to work in collaboration with attorneys and other prominent figures in the legal system that are putting our community in the right direction.”

Shane regarding the Netsmart Program: “The Youth Advisory Board feels it’s the best way to combat people who are being affected online in a negative manner. We want to start very young with elementary students so they know how to interact online safely.”

Shane on his future plans with the Youth Advisory Board: “The Youth Advisory Board has been a great opportunity. I hope to lead the program next year. It’s given me a lot of access to students all around Hampden County. I recommend it for anyone looking to help out the community.”