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Zihan "Angela" Tian '22 publishes poetry collection

Zihan "Angela" Tian '22 publishes poetry collection

Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Zihan “Angela” Tian ’22 started writing poetry in middle school. She kept at it, penning multiple poems year after year.

A laptop filled with poetry, Angela decided to make the most of her efforts, self-publishing “Thoughts,” an 87-page collection of her 27 poems.

The ebook can be purchased on Amazon, while the print version can be ordered at Barnes & Noble Press.

One of the poems, “Snowflakes,” won entry into the publication of The Storm King School of New York. Angela’s novel “Mi Ying Meng Die” was published in China earlier this year.

Angela’s writing resume also includes a 10,000-word story that’s been published online in China, and she’s outlined a nonfiction piece titled “Life Lesson in Canada.”

Quotes from Angela

On her motivation to self-publish a poetry book: “I started writing poetry in middle school and it accumulated. I had a bunch of poetry and wanted to do something useful instead of letting them collect dust on my desktop. I put them together and had a collection. Since I had already published a book before, the next thing I could think of was self-publishing.”

On what she likes about poetry: “It’s a way to express myself. I like to record my thoughts – that’s just something I like to do. As a teenager in middle school, I wanted to express myself without other people knowing exactly what I was expressing.”

On the final product: “I felt like writing was the easy part, and the editing and publishing was the hard part. But now I’m really happy.”