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  • The trip to Mato Grosso, including brief visits to Kamayura and Xavante Indian villages, is scheduled for July 19 to August 5. Students will be accompanied by Associate Head of School & Dean of Students Brian Easler, Dean of Studies Erik Kindblom, and Director of Marketing & Communications Meghan Rothschild.
  • To prepare for their trip, students read Voices from the Amazon by Binka Le Breton, and appropriate articles from various sources. They attended classes earlier this spring and were presented with topics such as Brazilian ecosystems, the landless workers movement, and informational talks about fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds of the area. Also included in the classes was such logistical information as visas, vaccinations, and packing information.
  • The students began their study with a viewing of Valley of the Forgotten, a documentary film vividly showing the many levels of conflict in the Amazon Basin.
  • Last year's trip caught the attention of BusinessWest with the article, Lessons from the Amazon by George O'Brien. It explores how "WMA Students Witness the Conflict Between Progress, Conservation."
  • Follow WMA on our jungle adventure!

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• Twitter: #WMAmazon

• Blog: www.wma.us/WMAmazon

• Facebook: www.facebook.com/wilbrahammonsonacademy

• Live interviews: Day 4Day 10;

• Mass. students explore Amazon, Brazilian tribes - AP story after the group's return home


A warm homecoming

Students returned home from the Amazon Monday and it's life back to normal today. Matt is preparing to head off to college in a few days. Maria is going on vacation to Puerto Rico with her family. Native New Yorkers Arnelle and Issa stayed in the city to spend time with their families. Cari is on her way to South Carolina. Nora is heading to Vermont for a getaway with her family. Jackson is back working in the Animal Care Facility at Baystate Medical Center and rowing with the Pioneer Valley Rowing Club!

And popular summer camp counselor Jessie can be found on WMA grounds doing what she loves. 

"When we were visiting the Kamayura tribe in the Amazon, the kids loved us and wanted to play with us all the time," Jessie said. "Now that I'm back, I get to experience the same enthusiasm from our summer camp kids!"

Jessie describes the group's long plane ride back home as bittersweet as they reminesced and laughed about their experiences. "It was an amazing trip that we'll never forget but we were all ready to come home." she said.

Students are welcomed back home with open arms! 


 Mr. Easler gives us the inside scoop...



This Amazon excursion has caught the attention of major news outlets like:

San Fransisco Chronical

Boston Herald 




The Republic, Columbus Indiana


FOX Boston

CBS 3 Springfield


ABC Providence

If you're interested in additional information, or for press inquires please email WMA's Director of MarComm Meghan Rothschild.

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Video update from Issa

Posted by webmanager on Sunday August 5, 2012 at 03:50PM
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Video update from Cari



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Day 16: Fish Market, Opera and a Floating Restaurant

Today we were up early for a 7:30 a.m. city tour where we visited the fish market, Opera House, and ate lunch at a floating restaurant!

We will begin our long trip home Sunday at 2:00 p.m.



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Day 15: Pirenopolis to Manaus

Today we finished up some shopping in Pirenopolis, followed by a nice lunch at a popular local spot.

Maria, Jessie, Arnelle, Jill and Meghan spent an hour on the phone doing an interview with the Associated Press!

Then, it was a full day of travel, taking two flights and two buses to get here to the beautiful Trpoical Manuas, a luxury eco-resort.

We're up early tomorrow for a 7:30 a.m. city tour where we will visit the fish market, Opera House, and eat lunch at a floating restaurant.




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Video update from Nora

Posted by webmanager on Saturday August 4, 2012 at 12:48PM
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Day 14: Hiking, Waterfalls and Shoping (oh my!)

Our accommodations here in Pirenopolis are BEAUTIFUL (except for the rooster crowing at 5:00 a.m.)!

After a night's rest, we headed to Sir Rocky's home outside of Pirenopolis. We hiked through beautiful waterfalls, climbed steep rock walls and jumped into the water off an eight-foot ledge. We had an amazing lunch of home-cooked traditional Brazilian food and then headed back to the city where we shopped and ate a fantastic dinner.

Tomorrow we will have another day of shopping and then head to Manaus where we will spend our last few days here on our Amazon adventure!

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Video update from Maria

Posted by webmanager on Thursday August 2, 2012 at 08:24AM
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Day 13: travel day

Today was a big travel day. The group has been traveling together by bus all day.

When they arrive at the hotel tonight, they will likely grab a bite to eat, a shower and a good night's rest.

Tomorrow, the group will hike to the waterfalls and do some shoping in the city of Pirenopolis. 


Look for more posts and photos tomorrow!

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Day 12: hiking & fishing

Today we went on a six-hour hike to a lake where we, theorhetically, were the only people ever, other than Indians, to have fished. We caught some fish for lunch, relaxed by the lake and headed back. We head out tomorrow morning and begin our 12-hour drive to Pirenópolis.




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