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Creating young men and women who are global citizens and leaders requires an approach to learning that focuses on the core values of investigation, integration, interaction and innovation. 

Wilbraham & Monson Academy, The Global School®, is dedicated to preparing students for successful competitive college admission and facing the challenges of global citizenship and leadership. Our academic program creates global thinkers by offering a curriculum that integrates the mastery of traditional core disciplines of English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and the Arts with the study of economics, entrepreneurship, and global studies. Combining the innovative curriculum of the Center for Entrepreneurial and Global Studies with a strong college preparatory program, which includes 19 Advanced Placement courses and various honors tracks, this Global Liberal Arts approach provides students the opportunity to work closely with caring adults in a traditional environment to acquire 21st century skills.

Our goal is to create ethical young men and women who investigate opportunities for intellectual growth, integrate by seeking intercultural connections, interact with others respectfully and effectively, and innovate by practicing critical reasoning and entrepreneurial thinking skills to address the complex problems of today and explore solutions for a better tomorrow.

The WMA Global Education approach to learning emphasizes:

  • Mastering core disciplines
  • Attaining insight into global issues
  • Grasping market economies and global interdependencies
  • Learning physical, political and human geographies
  • Committing to civic engagement and sustainability
  • Realizing culture is globally contextual
  • Recognizing multiple problem solving methods
  • Pursuing intercultural opportunities
  • Choosing ethical and effective interactions
  • Articulating and sharing ideas through collaboration
  • Practicing entrepreneurial and creative thinking
  • Utilizing 21st century tools and technologies
  • Interpreting information as a global systems thinker
  • Engaging in the art of public speaking
  • Utilizing critical reasoning, thinking and writing skills
  • Developing proficiency in a second language
  • Appreciating ideas, art, and cultural differences
  • Respecting and understanding people of various cultures
  • Transcending biases
  • Communicating innovative solutions to complex problems

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Dean of Studies

Meg Hutcheson

Dean of Curriculum

Tiffany Alrefae

Dean of Students

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The mission of Wilbraham & Monson Academy is to develop global citizens and leaders.

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