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Middle School Blog

Dr. Ito visited Grade 7 via skype.  Dr. Ito is 95 years old! He was able to answer every question and provide details.  It was a privilege to hear him and have him visit the classroom.

 Dr. Ito is Japanese-American.  He was born in 1919.  His family was interned (Excecutive Act 9066). He fought in the most decorated regiment of the US Armed Forces - the 442nd.  

He liberated one of the subcamps of Dachau.  He rose from the rank of private to Lt. (in the segregated US Armed Forces).

His family was from Hiroshima (and he showed the class remnants from the atomic bomb -- a glass jar that was melted).

He talked about his pride in serving in the military, despite fighting for a country that discriminated against him (and others).

"It was my duty and privilege to serve.  I had no doubts or hesitations.  In fact, I volunteered for hazardous duty, despite my mom not wanting me to. We were proud to serve our nation at that time." He discussed the GM Bill (which enabled him to attend school after the war).  He did not return to California. On the East Coast (which he made his home), very few were aware of the camps that interned 120.000 people of Japanese descent.

  • For more info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susumu_Ito
  • This came about because Dr. Ito is a friend of John Robinson's great-aunt.  John focused his memorial project on Dr. Ito (segregated US Military and Japanese Internment).
Posted by skelley on Wednesday February 25 at 11:14AM
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One way people remember the past is by building monuments that honor its heroes or commemorate its tragedies.  In creating any memorial, the individuals involved must ask a variety of questions. Some deal with the purpose of the memorial; others focus on its audience; and still others consider who/what will be remembered and why.  Is it possible to make people think about the unthinkable?  Memorials & Memories reflect our values. They speak to what we think is important and what we choose to remember.  The task of each student was not to create great art, but to force people to examine a complex issue of their choice. They created a memorial  which connected to something they learned in humanities class.  Their memorial could be directly linked to history, or connected to the themes we have discussed this year.  The process included brainstorming  ideas (as an initial step). They narrowed down their ideas to focus on a specific event, idea, person, etc. They worked hard planning . (For example -they had to consider: What do you want to memorialize?  What are your ideas for your memorial?  What will your memorial focus on?  What history and/or themes will be covered?  Why is this important?   They met with Mr. Bloomfield (chair of the Fine and Performing Arts Dept.) to discuss how they may build their ideas.  They were able to document at-home work with their iPads.  We worked on public speaking skills and students wrote, revised, edited, and drafted a 5-paragraph essay about their memorial.  


Posted by skelley on Thursday February 19 at 03:01PM
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Welcome to Tuscany's

Our students combined fine dining and mathematics today at the posh new restaurant located in our school, Tuscanys!  Students, upon seated, selected delectable options from Tuscany's menu (I highly recommend their seafood platter featuring the fresh catch of the day!).  Then, following the repast, students were asked to compute the bill including a 6.25% tax (government must be fed, too!) and an 18% gratuity (the excellent service was worth the bump up from my usual 15% tip).  The cost of the math lesson learned today?...Priceless!!

Posted by jdangleis on Wednesday February 18
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Falcon Fans

Hockey, food, and friends makes for a fun filled Friday night!
Posted by skelley on Monday February 16 at 11:01AM
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Gene placed third in the 8-20 age group in the Eastern Region.
The new middle school dormitory was named in honor of Rodney and Shirley LaBrecque.
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