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Student Life

I don't think we're ever bored. There is always something to do ...
Idan Tretout '19

students in front of entrance sign

Boarding school is about community. At Wilbraham & Monson Academy, a healthy residential community is the foundation of our campus life. For all members of the school to live and learn in a caring and supportive environment, we create a safe, healthy, compassionate, and respectful residential community of students and adults.

Daily Life

Campus Store

The Campus Store, located on the first floor of Rich Hall, stocks many athletic and gift items in addition to textbooks and school supplies. The Campus Store is open from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (during the academic year). Summer hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Academy requires families to fund their student’s Campus Store account for the purpose of books, academic supplies, college application fees, medical services, etc.

Dorm Parents

Just as Wilbraham & Monson Academy becomes a “home away from home” for boarding students, a dorm parent is a “parent or guardian away from home.” Dorm parents are full-time teachers and coaches at WMA, so the multiple roles they play in students’ lives allow them to get to know their boarders on a personal level.

Away from the classroom or the field, dorm parents live in the dormitories with students. At night and on weekends, they guide students with homework during study hours, watch television with boarders in the lobby, and grant permission to students to hang out with friends off campus.

Dorm parents are fully involved in the development and parenting of WMA teenagers and each dormitory has at least four dorm parents taking care of each floor or hall of boarders. Additionally, there is always a dorm parent on duty to assist and guide boarders whenever needed.

Daily Schedule

The WMA daily schedule is on a rotation that allows students a balanced week with variety and flexibility.

Click here for a chart of the daily schedule

Family Style Lunch

Family style meals provide a time and setting for our community to come together and share the events of our daily lives. On Thursdays, students and faculty are assigned lunch tables, on a rotating basis, to ensure that different members of the community get to know one another.


Our Director of Food Services and Head Chef Scott Bicknell plans weekly meals and shares it with the community. Menus always include plenty of options for all dietary needs. The Food Services staff is dedicated to providing a healthy and clean eating space and become part of the students' trusted circle of adults.

Flik Dining website and WMA menu

School Hours

Academic Day 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Afternoon Activities 3:30 - 6 p.m.

Study 8-10 p.m.

School Week

Classes held: Monday-Friday

Wednesday: Half Day

Thursday: All-School Meeting, Academy Blazer Day, Advisor Meeting, Family-style Lunch

Weekends: No Classes


With advance notice, WMA can offer transportation for boarding students to and from specific locations:

  • Peter Pan/Greyhound Bus Station in Springfield, Mass.
  • Amtrak Train Station in Springfield, Mass.
  • Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Logan International Airport, Boston

During the school year, students sign up for transportation through the Deans Office.

Transportation can be arranged between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. for the major breaks and long weekends during the academic year.

Boarding students are not allowed to sign out for overnight/weekend trips during on-campus weekends.

Clubs & Activities

Sense of Place


Some facts about our campus:

  • 300+ acres
  • Three upper school dorms
  • One middle school dorm
  • 12 faculty family homes
  • Take a virtual tour!

On campus students have access to:

  • Campus Center
  • Campus Store
  • Library
  • Chapel Gathering Space
  • Art Gallery
  • Black Box Theater
  • Trading Center
  • Athletic Fields with Track
  • Turf Field
  • Athletic Center with Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Dance and Wrestling Room
  • Tennis Courts

Nearby within walking distance:

  • Cafe, bank, pizza shop and convenience store

Outdoor Spaces

Students are free to explore our 300+ acre campus, including these unique outdoor spaces:

  • picnic areas
  • patio spaces
  • wooded trails
  • ponds and streams

Safe & Secure

Providing a safe and healthy environment is a top priority at WMA. Our school staff maintains a close relationship with our local police and fire departments, which are located one mile down the street. We have emergency protocols in place in the event of an emergency and train all members of our community on these protocols.

During the evening and overnight hours, our security officer is on duty and physically out on campus. We have camera and alarm systems throughout our campus. Additionally, academic buildings and dorms are only accessible with an school prox ID card.

Our security guards can be reached at 413.949.0464.

Student Leadership

Captains Council

The Captains Council is an advisory committee on athletics comprised of the current trimester’s team captains, advised by the Director of Athletics.

Global Leaders

Global Scholars

Orientation Leaders

Orientation leaders are selected each year to welcome our new students. This group prepares various activities during registration weekend to welcome new students to WMA.


Prefects are student leaders who are juniors or seniors at WMA. The prefects assigned to each dormitory work closely with the dorm parents in assisting residents and have one dorm duty shift per week.

Prefects are individuals who have a good rapport with students and faculty alike and are recognized to be students of character, integrity, and honesty. They are the voice of all boarding students.

As role models, prefects serve as examples of healthy living to fellow students, ensuring an environment where students learn to respect each other, their space, and their belongings. Most importantly, prefects are expected to be active, positive contributors to the quality of life at the Academy.

Student Government

The members of the Student Government have the overall responsibility of providing student input for decisions that affect student and community life. They are the voices of the student body and plan and carry out school-wide activities in conjunction with the Deans Office. The Student Government consists of class representatives and an elected chairperson. Representatives also serve as class officers.

Additionally, Student Government members serve on the Rules and Discipline Committee with elected faculty members. The Rules and Disciplinary Committee reviews any recommendations for changes in school policy and those are forwarded to the full faculty for endorsement at the end of each academic year. The committee is also responsible for hearing discipline cases in which a student is liable for dismissal and for making recommendations to the Head of School for final action.

Community Service

Community Service Team

Service to others is an opportunity to support our community and fulfill a personal sense of social responsibility.

Activities vary per trimester, given the season and weather parameters. Students and coaches generally participate when the academic day concludes. The outcome of the program is to provide assistance and awareness to the community around us and also learn valuable life skills.

Learn More

Grade level

Every year, the student class representatives organize a community service opportunity for their grade. These opportunities have included food drives, tutoring sessions and tree sapling donations.

Other Service Opportunities

Citizenship within the WMA community comes with enormous opportunities and responsibilities. Upon matriculation, each student agrees to adopt the Academy’s belief in broad intellectual development, good physical health, personal accountability, mutual respect and commitment to service.

Locally, many of our students, whether individually or with athletic teams or groups, offer their time doing things like: volunteering at the Special Olympics, playing card games with the elderly, raking leaves for the mobility impaired in the fall, assisting in the rebuilding of homes, singing holiday carols to veterans, and collecting non-perishables for the food insecure.