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Boarding at WMA

Living at WMA

It's probably the best decision we've made for our daughter, academically and personally. She's grown and become mature ... ready for college and the world.

- John Venditti, WMA alumna parent

On-campus Housing

Wilbraham & Monson Academy has four dormitories for its boarding students.

  • All of the middle school boarding students live in LaBrecque House. 
  • Three floors of iconic Rich Hall house male, boarding students.
  • Smith Hall offers housing female students (separated by floor).
  • Female boarders live in Wallace Blake.

Dorm parents and prefects (student leaders) also live in each dormitory. Click here for a checklist of Boarding Students' needs.

Smith Hall

Rich Hall

Wallace Blake

What to Expect From Boarding at WMA

Wilbraham & Monson Academy is one of the leading prep schools in New England. Renowned for our innovative curriculum, top-tier athletics, strong community and engaging educational environment, we understand the key role that on-campus housing plays at private school.

More than 50 percent of our students live on campus. WMA strives to provide boarding that reflects the nature of its students and private school culture. As a result, our dormitories are comfortable, nurturing and community-oriented.

A Peek Into WMA's Boarding School Dorms

Wilbraham & Monson Academy has four dormitories for its boarding students:

  • LaBrecque House is the newest dorm on campus and has six student rooms, two faculty apartments, a common living room, kitchen and a classroom.
  • Rich Hall: Students have the opportunity to live on three floors of iconic Rich Hall. This all-male dormitory features a common room on each floor with couches, warm wall tones and lots of room for studying and relaxing. All bedrooms have at least one window, light wooden floors, white walls and large desks — perfect for studying, learning and exploring.
  • Smith Hall: Smith Hall has a vibrant common space with blue walls, a world map and a variety of books and board games. A grand staircase carries students from floor to floor, and big windows allow for lots of natural lighting.
  • Wallace Blake: This dormitory is female-only. Nestled into a hill behind pine trees, Wallace Blake blends in with the natural surroundings of this Massachusetts prep school. In this dorm, students can enjoy spending time in a common room featuring art, natural light, a brick accent wall and big hanging lamps. Rooms are spacious, with large windows that look into the woods. Some rooms have their own spiral staircase!

Dorm parents and prefects (student leaders) also live in each dormitory. To ensure a smooth move-in process, WMA created a checklist of things boarding students need to bring. Items provided in each dorm include beds, desks, bureaus and chairs. All dormitories also supply irons, washing and drying machines. TVs, DVD players and microwaves are available in common room areas.

We encourage students to make their rooms feel like home. They may choose to add personal touches like posters, bedding and other decorations to create their dream room.

More Than a Massachusetts Boarding School

Beyond boarding at Wilbraham & Monson Academy, there are a variety of educational elements that set this private school in Massachusetts apart from the rest. WMA sculpts global leaders through its Center for Entrepreneurial & Global Studies program and encourages travel and hands-on problem solving. Our students come from 20 states and 33 nations. No less than 100 percent of our 400 students go to college. Due to the caliber of student that makes up WMA's student body, we're dedicated to providing pleasant and comfortable homes away from home.

If you're looking for a boarding school in Massachusetts, we do hope you consider us. Our New England prep school awaits students who are ready to change the world. By applying and practicing thoughtful, purposeful and novel thinking techniques, WMA's students leave eager to make a difference all around them.

To learn more about your child's potential future at the Wilbraham & Monson Academy prep school in Massachusetts, contact us!