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Our school mascot is Titan. The choice has its roots in Classical mythology, in which the Titans were a family of six brothers and six sisters. Atlas - a Titan - is a major architectural feature on Rich Hall.
The definition of a Titan is also apt - “one who stands out for greatness in achievement.”
We are the Titans!

Atlas and Titans

Decoration on bulding

Since the late 1920s, the bust of Atlas has commanded the façade of Rich Hall. Atlas was a male member of the gender-balanced family of Titans in Greek mythology, and sided with the Titans in their contest against the Olympians. When the Titans were defeated, Zeus ordered Atlas to bear the weight of the celestial world on his shoulders ... the way we expect our students to bear similar weight in the leadership of our world when they go forth from their time here.

Prometheus was also a Titan, and was described by Aeschylus as “Teacher in Every Art, (Who) Brought the Fire That Hath Proved to Mortals a Means to Mighty Ends." It is for these mythological, historic and metaphoric reasons that we proudly choose to call ourselves ... The Titans.

The Monson Bell

Photo of Monson Bell

Once housed in a bell tower at Monson Academy in Monson, Mass., the Monson Bell was moved to its current location after the move to Wilbraham. It sits in the Heritage Courtyard, outside Old Academy, which housed the entire Monson Academy when the move occurred.

When an athletic team wins an important game or a championship, they march up The Hill to ring the Monson Bell to celebrate victory.

A tradition was started by the Class of 2020, where members of the graduating class have the opportunity to personally ring the bell before graduation.

Everyday Traditions

Senior Spring Traditions