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Important information, forms and documents to help you be prepared. Please check back as more information becomes available throughout the year.


According to the dress code policy, every WMA student is required to own one navy school blazer with the Academy’s crest on the upper-left pocket. Students are expected to be prepared with their blazer on the first day of school.

Excerpt from dress code policy:

Every member of the WMA community is required to own one navy school blazer, available through Lands' End, with the Academy’s crest on the upper-left pocket. The Academy blazer is required attire every Thursday and for special occasions on and off campus. Students may wear their school blazer every day if they choose, or they may wear a non-school blazer on days when a school blazer is not required.”

To order your blazer, visit the WMA Lands' End website and follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Sign in if you already have an account
  2. Create an account if this is your first time on the site
  3. Shop for your blazer - sizing charts are available online

The cost of a blazer ranges from $85 to $155, depending on the size. Lands' End has frequent sales and promotions. Please visit the website for details.

International Families: If you are concerned about the delivery timeframe, you may have your student's blazer delivered directly to the Academy. Be sure to include the child's name in the "Ship To" address or it will not be delivered to your child.

Ship orders to:

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
423 Main Street
Wilbraham, MA 01095

Of course, if you are happy with the size and condition of your student's current school blazer, there is no need to purchase a new one at this time.

For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Deans Office.

blazer exchange program

The WMA Blazer Drop & Shop offers families the opportunity to exchange outgrown blazers with other families in order to reduce the need to buy costly new blazers.

Click here for details and blazer acceptance form.

Boarding Student Checklist

When packing, please remember

  • Your room will have a twin bed with extra long mattress, desk, chair, and bureau.
  • Please plan on bringing the following personal items for your room:
    • Bed sheets, blankets, pillows
    • Towels, shower slippers, bathroom basket/bucket (for toiletries)
    • Wastebasket, mirror, alarm clock, lamp

Note: Halogen lamps are not allowed because they are a fire hazard. Other heat-producing items – like hot pans, irons, and rice cookers – are also not allowed.

  • Feel free to bring a music player or computer, but remember to bring headphones too.
  • Refrigerators are not allowed in dorm rooms.
  • Rooms are not air-conditioned, so students are encouraged to bring a small fan.
  • As listed in the Student/Handbook, students are not allowed to have prescription or nonprescription medication in their possession, including vitamins or herbal supplements that are not labeled in English.

When you arrive on campus, please keep in mind

  • At registration, you will be given your room and mailbox keys.

**Note: Financial transactions regarding room and mailbox keys are taken care of separately. Please refer to the Tuition & Fee Schedule available in the Additional Forms section of your My Backpack Online Enrollment page.

  • When you get your keys, I encourage you to place them on a lanyard or big key chain. If you lose them, our Maintenance Department will install new locks at your expense.
  • After you receive your keys and go to your assigned room, you will meet one of your dorm parents and will complete a Room Condition Report with him/her. This report protects you, the boarding student, from being charged unnecessarily when room condition checks take place.

Items Provided in Dorm Rooms

  • bed – extra long twin (with mattress)
  • desk
  • bureau
  • chair

Electrical Items Allowed

  • music players
  • computers

Items Provided in Dormitories

  • irons and ironing boards
  • vacuum cleaners and brooms
  • microwaves
  • washers/dryers, with LaundryConnect Pay
  • TVs and DVD players

Suggested Personal Items to Bring

  • floor or desk lamp (no halogen lamps)
  • waste basket, shower slippers, basket for toiletries
  • bed linens – extra long twin
  • pillow, blanket, towels, personal mirror
  • headphones for stereo or computer
  • posters (appropriate)

Electrical Items Not Allowed

  • heat-producing items (hot pots, rice cookers, irons)
  • refrigerators, televisions
  • halogen lamps

**Note: Pets of any kind are not allowed

Math Calculator

The TI 84 will be used in all Upper School math classes except for AP Statistics, AP Calculus and Multi-variable calculus during the 2019-2020 Academic Year. The TI N-Spire will be used in AP Statistics, AP Calculus and Multi-variable Calculus.

All Middle School math students, except those taking Algebra 1 (which uses the TI 84), will use the TI 30 calculator.

All three calculators are available for purchase in our Campus Store.

Questions? Contact Math Chair Mark Fischer.

Concussion Information & Testing


Concussions are a common injury in teenagers and the consequences of not recognizing them or not managing them adequately are becoming increasingly clear.

WMA’s Concussion Management Program Goals

  • Provide parents with Concussion Education Program to review online
  • Students in Grade 9-PG will complete the ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test) online during the fall season with their fall sport team or activity
  • All students will be required to attend a presentation on concussions at school

Concussion Education

Understanding what a concussion is and how to recognize it is the foundation of any Concussion Management Program. This is important for both parents and students. Two excellent courses are available online. Please take either of the courses listed below:


WMA has been using ImPACT for the past three years to help evaluate concussion injuries. Previously we focused our attention on athletes but because we have seen an increased number of concussions in non-athletes and because a concussion can occur just about anywhere, we expanded our testing to include all upper school students.

ImPACT is a computerized concussion evaluation system. This type of concussion assessment can help objectively evaluate the concussed student after the injury and track recovery for safe return to activity, thus preventing the cumulative effects of concussion. It also aids in determining if academic accommodations are needed following an injury.

WMA is requiring all 9-PG students take Baseline ImPACT test. By completing this test WMA will be provided with baseline data that will be used to compare post-injury scores if a student sustains a concussion.

Daily Schedule

The academic day is broken out by blocks in a way that makes each different. Click here to view the daily schedule.


Dress Code Checklist

Wilbraham & Monson Academy has a dress code. The Academy has partnered with Lands’ End to provide dress code approved clothing for families to purchase. Please view the dress code pages of the website for details.

The Deans Office suggests you purchase/bring the following clothes with you:

Clothes for the academic day and dress code

    • 1 school blazer (required)
    • 5 pairs of dress pants
    • 5-7 dress shirts
    • sweaters (cotton and wool)
    • ties
    • socks
    • dress shoes
    • 3 dresses, no shorter than 2” above the knee
    • 5 skirts, no shorter than 2” above the knee
    • 6 blouses or dressy tops
    • stockings/socks

Clothes for casual wear

All Students (including athletic wear)

    • jeans
    • casual shirts
    • sneakers, cleats
    • sweatshirts, sweatpants
    • shorts, T-shirts
    • swimsuit (one-piece for female students and shorts for male students)

Clothes for winter wear

All Students

    • non-athletic winter coat to wear over a blazer
    • hat, scarf, mittens/gloves
    • waterproof winter boots

Technology Requirements

Bring Your Own Device for Academics

IT continues to provide a robust network to accommodate many wired and wireless devices. Community members are responsible for maintaining their personal hardware and personal Operating System (OS). IT can help students diagnose their technology issues, but it is the student’s responsibility to transport or arrange repair services for their device. Student devices will need to meet the following set of requirements:

  • Chrome browser to access: Google’s Gmail and PowerSchool

  • The ability to connect to Wifi for academic use. Ethernet is also available in the dorms

  • Antivirus with an active subscription (WMA provides Sophos if needed)

  • WMA will be using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

  • Printing will be done through Google Cloud Print

Software WMA Provides:

  • Students will be given a WMA G Suite account which includes WMA Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and managed Google services

  • Teachers will use Google Classroom and PowerSchool to administer assignments, communications, collaboration, etc.

Supported Academic Devices:

  • iPad, Chromebook, Windows tablet, Windows laptop, Mac laptop, Android tablet

Excluded from Academic use:

  • Amazon Echo, Google Home, Kindle, Nook, cell phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry ...)

Devices Not Allowed on the WMA Network:

  • Wireless Routers, Access Points (AP), Network Switches, Smart TV’s

  • Note: Additional information is available in the Student/Parent Handbook

School calendar

Academic Calendar

A one-page printable PDF is handy for seeing all the key dates, from opening of school through commencement in one place.

2019 - 2020

Upper School  -  Middle School

Travel Arrangements

When making travel arrangements for vacations and breaks, refer to the Making Travel Arrangements page.

Tuition & Forms



Tuition payment is due July 1. If you have not done so already, please go to your My BackPack account to view your statement and pay online.


Submit the forms necessary to complete enrollment. To access all the forms you need, login to your My BackPack account, choose “Online Enrollment,” and then choose “Additional Forms.”


Also, be sure to fund your student's bookstore account by going to your My BackPack account and choosing "Statements" and then "Bookstore" from the "View Account" menu.

Health Forms & Documents

Parents should refer to this letter from the Director of Health Services to ensure their student(s) arrive to school in the fall prepared with all the required information completed.

Visit the Health Services section of our website to find all the necessary forms or login to your My Backpack account to locate them. Students cannot attend school until all the proper health forms are completed and submitted.

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