Global Leaders

global leadership program


The Global Leaders Program creates an opportunity for students to seek challenges, think critically about local and global issues, and engage in their community through service. The program distinguishes itself by focusing on fulfillment the Academy’s mission: creating a transformational experience where students become challenge-seeking citizens and leaders of an evolving world.

While engaged in this program, students will find themselves building and honing their leadership skills and networking connections that will assist in their path at WMA and beyond.



2018-2019 Global Leaders

Shane Appiah '21
JP Catellier '20
Katie Cronin '20
Charlotte Derose '21
Grace Dineen '21
John "Jack" Godin '20
Isabella Gomes '20
Grace-Marie Gouin '20
Aidan Held '21
Spencer Hemingway '21
Gordon Hertel '19
Moonsu "Jackson" Kang '20
Jakub Kanovics '20
Margaret Kuhn '20
Astrid Mihalpoulos '21
Iason Mihalopoulos '22
Gianna Paroli '19
Kasey Reed '20
Erin Rinaldi '20
Nathan Rivera '20
Beti Stevens '20
Chuc An "Ann" Tran '21

Xin "Julie" Xiong '20