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For more than 20 years, the Global Scholars program has provided a select group of extraordinary students opportunities for extra-curricular intellectual enrichment, including monthly lectures, special speaker series, and cultural events, which engage them in important scholarly dialogue about global issues.

The Global Scholars experience incorporates research, travel, and study abroad opportunities. In the concluding year of their scholarship, all Global Scholars create and defend an in-depth independent Capstone Project concerning a global issue, culminating in a public presentation of their work.

Global Scholars Student Spotlight

Michelle Itkin '22

Female student

Future plans: Vassar College in the fall to study political science on a pre-law track, with the goal of attending law school.

As a Global Scholar:

How have you illustrated intellectual engagement?

During my time at WMA, I have been able to engage in intellectual leadership through the Model Congress and Model UN programs. I have been the president/head delegate respectively for the last two years, which has enabled me to lead our teams to several successful college conferences, and teach debate and public speaking skills to the new members. I have also helped coach the Middle School Model UN program in the winter the last few years. Model Congress and Model UN have been instrumental in helping me find my passion in high school, and helping run and expand these programs has been so rewarding. 

How has your project helped grow your global awareness?

My project, which was also my AP Capstone Research paper and presentation, was about vocational rehabilitation as a means of decreasing recidivism rates in Massachusetts. I found that the reason for a lot of crime in Massachusetts has to do with the act that many people in underserved communities have never been given opportunities to get a good education and career, the way I have. I examined the potential of job training for non-violent prisoners and found that even a small bit of help can go a long way in breaking the cycle of incarceration. This helped expand my understanding of the prison and criminal justice system as a whole. As an aspiring lawyer, I think it is important for me to have a robust understanding of the system from all perspectives. 

How have you contributed to the community?

I have been able to contribute to the greater community of Western Massachusetts through both my volunteer work and internship. At WMA I have done five seasons of Service Team, serving as Captain for three seasons, and the work I have done to help the community has made me appreciate the opportunities I have at WMA even more. I have also been working for Hampden District Attorney (Anthony) Gulluni '99 for two years, as president of the Youth Advisory Board in the Community Outreach and Prevention department. I have been able to represent WMA on this board and be the voice of teenagers around the county to promote social justice projects, which was an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Isabelle Wilson '22

Female student smiling

Future plans: University of New Hampshire to study nutrition with a career goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

As a Global Scholar:

How have you illustrated intellectual engagement?

I have illustrated intellectual engagement by working as Stone Society's leader to address equality between genders on our campus. I have also brought my interest in the STEM fields to Stone Society by helping to put on the Women in STEM event. This event is always a great success because it allows students and individuals who are interested in the STEM fields to explore their interests regardless of their gender or identity, which I think is extremely valuable. 

How has your project helped grow your global awareness?

My presentation is going to be about my internship with a Registered Dietician. Through this experience I have been able to not only find my passion, but I have also learned valuable life experiences including how to talk to people who are going through struggles both mentally and physically. I have also learned that many people have internal struggles that they are dealing with that you can't see as an outsider. You always have to be cautious about how you talk to and treat other people because you don't want to be the reason that someone's struggle increases. 

How have you contributed to the community?

Being a Global Scholar has taught me that people you meet are not just as they appear at first, everybody has a background and a whole life that you have no idea about. Everyone deserves the same amount of respect and kindness that you would give to your closest friend. People come from all over, they were raised with different beliefs, different food, in a different type of house, with different family members and in different places. That difference is what makes our world so interesting because we are all different, that is part of the beauty of WMA - you meet people from all walks of life before you are out of high school, and that is truly something special. 

Apply for Global Scholars

To apply to the WMA Global Scholars program, you must be enrolled in the school for at least one trimester, starting in Grade 9. To apply, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.7.

Required information includes:

  • Essay
  • Academic achievements
  • Current courses
  • Activities and Leadership positions held
  • Name of recommending teacher

The application deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year has closed.

Please email Ms. Hutcheson for details.

Criteria for Global Scholars

Meeting Steve Forbes

WMA Global Scholars with Steve Forbes at the Springfield Public Forum.


WMA's Global Scholars met Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of "Forbes" magazine, at the Springfield Public Forum.


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