International Students


Gayle Hsiao

Director of International Student Program

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Current international student visas are stored in the Admission Office for safe keeping. Students who travel outside the U.S. on breaks must sign out their document and return it to Admission when they return to school after a break.

International students wishing to obtain a U.S. driver's license can visit the Massachusetts RMV website to locate the proper paperwork.

WMA’s rich history of enrolling and supporting international students began in 1847 when Monson Academy enrolled Chinese students, the first school in the United States to do so. Thai and Japanese students followed soon after. The international student body has remained a foundation of the school for more than 150 years and continues to this day with students from more than 30 countries.

Elements of the International Student Program Include:

  • Making travel arrangements and ground transportation to and from the airport
  • New International Student Orientation schedule
  • Various themed meals
  • Airport, bus, and train pick up and drop offs at all major breaks
  • Field trips to various locales to experience American history and culture
  • An annual trip for our American students to one of the countries most strongly represented at the Academy
  • Notable alumni
  • Special receptions for international students and their guests throughout the year
  • The opportunity to see more of the United States through our travel/study programs during long weekends
  • English as a Second Language classes
  • English Tutorial classes for students entering their first year of traditional English classes
  • Visits and lectures from distinguished academics and professionals regarding the countries our students come from
  • Student tutors who can assist in their native language

New International Student Orientation

A Homestay is an opportunity for a WMA international student to live in an American home with a host family. Although a small fee is paid to the family to participate, the experience is one of building a relationship, not just renting a room. Homestay host families are carefully selected for their kind and caring personalities and their desire and willingness to open their homes and share their family lives and customs with the students.

Students who live in a Homestay discover that their English improves through conversation and daily interaction with their families. They are exposed to a variety of cultural learning opportunities like family activities, holiday celebrations, religious practices, and sporting events, among other things. The greatest reward for the students and the families both might be the deep, lasting friendship between them.

The Homestay host family will provide:

  • A safe, clean, and comfortable home
  • A kind, caring family
  • An English-speaking environment
  • A private furnished bedroom with study area
  • Linen/towels
  • Healthy meals
  • Access to laundry facilities, including detergent
  • Television and Internet access

Please contact International Student Program Director Gayle Hsiao if you would like to consider this program.