Photos & Videos


Bunion Derby

Academy Dancers, Fall 2020

Dawn to Dusk Concert

Academy Players, "Silent Sky" - Photos by Mr. Bloomfield

Najla Cecunjanin '21 NLI signing

Morgan Wesson '21 NLI signing

Rhaymi Porter '21 NLI signing

Griffan Wolusky '21 NLI signing


Titan Talk Show

  • Hosted by Najla Cecunjanin '21
  • NLI recognitions
  • Guest, FEB President Leo Miller '22
  • Snacks with Ms. Vedovelli
  • Highlights from Monday's athletic competitions
  • Students vs. Faculty: Aidan Held '21 vs. Mr. Held
  • Titan visits the campus store
  • Musical performance: Dawn to Dusk


Middle School Ceremony

Nick Gleason '21 NLI


Titan Talk Show

  • Hosted by Rayce A. '21
  • Students vs. Faculty: Mr. Brown vs. Rhaymi P. '21
  • Snacks with Ms. Vedovelli
  • Musical performance by Dawn to Dusk

Athenaeum Porch Jams - Emily D. '24, Dawn to Dusk, Dad Genes

MS Grade 6 Music

MS celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment


Flag Ceremony video

Titan Talk Show, Oct. 30


World Mental Health Day (in recognition of World Mental Health Day, four WMA faculty members discuss living with a mental health illness)

Athenaeum Porch Jam (students)

Athenaeum Porch Jam (faculty)

Titan Talk Show


Class of 2021 Prizes and Pins


Dawn to Dusk performance at the lunch concert

Mr. Rosenbeck plays at the lunch concert


A message from Mr. Easler, Sept. 11


A message from the students for Mr. Easler

Here Comes the Sun (Opening of School), sung by Lily Mathison '24

We're Back!