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Message from Mr. Nicholson

We will be focusing on Health, Wellness, Mental and Physical Fitness. These messages will be coming to you from different faculty members and coaches. They will be presenting workout ideas and hints, videos and programs, links to outside sources, as well as advice on how to stay mentally and physically fit/healthy during this challenging time in our lives. 

It is so important for you to rise up and meet this challenge!

These messages will be coming to you throughout the rest of the spring and will address all levels of interest and ability. Feel free to communicate with WMA faculty and coaches if you have questions or ideas.

We wish you all the best and please know that you are always in our thoughts.



Mental resilience from Ms. Lewis

Mental resilience can be "exercised," and to do this I recommend shifting your mindset to "I get to" verses "I have to." For example, thinking: I get to do my dishes, because I eat well.

Practicing thinking in positive terms helps us to start seeing the world this way. I also hunt the "good stuff," by thinking about what happened throughout the day that I liked and what I did or someone else did to create it and how to cultivate more of it in my life.

For example, I loved talking to "blank person" and to do this I simply reached out, planned a time to meet over lunch and opened up during conversation. To get more of this type of interaction/"good stuff," I will reach out to others and plan times to meet, in hopes of having more good conversations. Practicing positive thinking - may it be thinking about things you are grateful for/ the "good stuff" or having an "I get to" mindset - can help train your brain to start thinking this way, and I hope it helps!

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