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Message from Mr. Nicholson

We will be focusing on Health, Wellness, Mental and Physical Fitness. These messages will be coming to you from different faculty members and coaches. They will be presenting workout ideas and hints, videos and programs, links to outside sources, as well as advice on how to stay mentally and physically fit/healthy during this challenging time in our lives. 

It is so important for you to rise up and meet this challenge!

These messages will be coming to you throughout the rest of the school year and will address all levels of interest and ability. Feel free to communicate with WMA faculty and coaches if you have questions or ideas.

We wish you all the best and please know that you are always in our thoughts.



Exercises tips from Ms. Hutcheson (and Katie '26)

Ms. Hutcheson and her daughter Katie '26 have been busy staying fit this winter. Check out their recommendation for a solid way to meet/surpass your goals.

Core workout

  • Start with light stretch

  • Find a yoga mat or space on the floor

  • Play your favorite music (I do this to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits)

x20 Burpees

x15 dumbbell curls on each arm (if you don’t have weights, use a book or a can of soup!)

x30 Cross body crunches

x40 Core Twists

x10 Lunges on each leg

x Plank for 40 seconds

x10 Push ups

x20 Sit ups

x40 Jumping Jacks 

x40 Penguins

Run in place with knees high for 60 seconds


Repeat twice (This takes about 35 minutes) 


Mindfulness & Exercise

From Ms. Presnal, School Counselor

"We know that mindfulness is an important tool to maintain mental health, but it can be a challenge to find time in the day to incorporate it. Mindfulness while running is possible and it gives exercise an even greater purpose. Being more mindful may seem difficult at first, but I recommend starting by going for a run outdoors and leave your headphones at home. Start slow, focus on your breathing and assess how you're feeling. 

How do your arms feel?

Your legs? 

How's your breathing? 

Pay attention to any areas of tightness, etc. Just make yourself aware of how you're feeling, without doing anything to change how you're feeling. 

You can do this for the first 5-10 minutes of your run or you can carry it throughout the run and shift your focus to your surroundings, feelings and observations. This helps you become more self-aware while you're exercising and it may even make your run go by a little bit faster! 

Take the 14-Day Challenge with Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is one of our resident Health experts, and this week she shares this courtesy of the New York Times.

The Healthy-Habits Well Challenge

A wellness plan to nourish your body, mind and spirit, one daily challenge at a time.

Take the Daily Well Challenge ... start today building a healthy habit to help you move more, connect with friends and family, refresh your mind and nourish your body. 

Start the wellness challenge today!

Note: More to come from Mrs. Robinson this winter

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