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Student Promotion & Athletic Recruiting

Special to WMA is our full-time staff positions of Director of Student Promotion and College Athletic Recruitment Liaison to the Athletic Department.

Staff member Bill Wells

Director of Student Promotion

Our Director of Student Promotion offers students of all ages opportunities to help build their educational resume.

Director of Student Promotion Bill Wells has two students of his own, both of whom have gone through the college selection process.

Mr. Wells has been fully immersed with student life on a daily basis as advisor for the Class of 2016, student newspaper advisor, field hockey coach and our on-campus news reporter. He can be found at many athletic games and performing arts events as well.

Mr. Wells also teaches a Novel Writing class and is a member of our College Counseling Department.

Phone: 413.596.9135

Student Benefits

How does the Director of Student Promotion add value to a student's educational resume?

College Athletic Recruitment Liaison

Our College Athletic Recruitment Liaison to the Athletic Department offers the major advantages to student-athletes at WMA:

  • Facilitates communication with college coaches to help develop and cultivate relationships between our (WMA) coaches and college coaches.
  • Assists coaches with educating their athletes on the recruitment process.
  • Ensures all coaches are updated on existing and new admissions criteria for colleges and universities.

Mike Mannix, our former Dean of Residential Life, led our Boys Prep Basketball team to the New England Class AA Championship during the 2019-2020 season. His background includes:

  • 15 years coaching WMA Boys Varsity/Prep Basketball
  • 4 years coaching NCAA Men's College Basketball
  • 1 year Indiana Pacers (NBA)
  • Team Commonwealth, The Basketball Tournament
  • NCAA Basketball Academy coach, 2024

Coach Mannix has helped his players land at colleges such as: Amherst, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Indiana, Kentucky, Princeton, Rice and UMass.

Phone: 413.596.9169

Staff member Mike Mannix